Sound problems and issues with NEO LED-3229 TV

NEO LED-3229 TV produces really awful sound but is it related to the quality of the speakers or it is an isolated problem?


After testing the cheap 32 inch LED TV NEO LED-3229 TV for couple of days we analyzed most of its pros and cons. The sound quality was definitely not one of its strong points but is this really the actual factory state of the TV or there might be some kind of issue with the TV we reviewed. Lets discuss the symptoms to find out:

  1. Poor sound quality and playing with the settings and presets - when I first turned the TV on the sound it produced was flat, without any sufficient bass and treble. Luckily there are settings to change these settings and turn them up. Unfortunately after half an hour playing with these settings and testing the surround preset the result I got was even worse than what I heard initially.

  2. Could it be an issue with the TV- NEO LED-3229 TV has really small and flat downfiring speakers located on the bottom of the TV frame. If I have to be honest I don't think there are any factory issues with them as I didn't hear any rattle or strange sounds.

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My verdict would be that no matter that this is one really cheap TV NEO should really invest $2-3 and put better speakers in their televisions. Other than that everything is as expected, low to average build quality and decent picture, good set of ports and connection options.

I would love to hear your opinion in case you own a NEO TV and let me know what you think about the sound quality, I would much appreciate it.
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