The cheapest new 32 inch LED TV in 2018 - NEO LED-3229

We review one of the cheapest HD LED TVs for 2018 - the 32 inch NEO LED-3229

NEO LED-3229 - the cheapest 2018 LED TV
Here at For consumers we review cheap LED televisions quite often because we believe there are very good picks for less money. The NEO LED-3229 is a 32 inch HD LED television and currently it is one of the cheapest sold on European market. Now lets take a look at its main features and specifications:
NEO LED-3229 TV specifications
  • TV size (inches): 32
  • Resolution: HD
  • Price: 130 Euro
  • HDMI ports: 1
  • USB ports: 1
  • Stereo speakers: Yes
  • WiFi: No
  • Smart TV: No
  • Wall mountable: Yes
  • Digital tuner: Yes, DVB-T+C

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Picture quality and sound

cheapest new 32 inch LED TV in 2018

NEO LED-3229 won't impress you with the best in class picture quality and sound. This is one very cheap TV after all and while the picture is quite decent the sound it delivers is truly bad. This TV sounds really poor and it ruins the overall good impression left from the NEO LED-3229. The HD images look good depending on the source you are using - IP television is much better than satellite here.

Build quality

I have only tested the NEO LED-3229 for couple of days but so far the build quality seems just fine. The TV is entirely made of cheap plastics but it looks pretty durable compared to many other TVs in the segment. In this price range I think that is one of the better build LED TVs.

NEO LED-3229

Top 5 TVs to recommend in 2019

This 32 inch Chinese television puts in serious competition other brands in the segment like UTOK and Luxor who also do their best to offer the best (cheapest) possible deals in Europe.  With some compromises like the sound quality the NEO LED-3229 is an overall good package and one of the best cheap LED TVs in 2018.

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