The all new 2019 BMW 3 series - video

The all new 2019 BMW 3 series revealed - quick video review

BMW 3 series is one of the best selling compact luxury sedans in the world. Together with the C-class by Mercedes and Audi A4 they form a trio that dominates this market (sorry Lexus, still not there). The 2019 BMW 3 series was just reveled to the wide audience few day ago and there are plenty of comments in the automotive world already.  To be honest most of them are pretty controversial due to the unsatisfying design of the all new premium sport sedan by BMW. Usually what the Bavarian manufacturer "throws" some provocative design that needs to grow on the buyers for some time but the new 3 series is kind of plain and boring (at least on first glance).

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Of course the driving experience promises to be the best in class and we have no doubt about that whatsoever. Here is a quick video review of the new 2019 BMW 3 series thanks to Carwow and Matt Watson:

2019 BMW 3 series

BMW 3-series F30 test drive and review
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