Wilson Blade Team 99 Lite tennis racket - better than I expected

After testing the Wilson Blade Team 99 Lite racket I can conclude it is one of the better cheap tennis racket on the market - check the details in my full review

Wilson Blade Team 99 Lite tested
Wilson Blade Team 99 Lite - lightweight and comfortable tennis racket
During the last year I played with three different Wilson tennis rackets and I still haven't found my favorite one for the recreational tournaments I take part in. This week I tested the Wilson Blade Team 99 Lite which I got from Tennispro online store a month ago. Honestly, I was a bit skeptical about this racket, considering it is the cheapest in the Blade range for 2018. But the Blade Team 99 Lite really surprised me, find out how in the following tennis racket review I prepared for you.

Wilson Blade Team 99 Lite - great for recreational players

The Blade Team 99 Lite is a lightweight racket, it is quite versatile but it wouldn't suit professional players for couple of reasons:
  • It is way too light for heavy hitters (most of the modern players hit the ball very hard, and many are the so called string breakers, even on the amateur pitch) and I think the 99 Lite frame is not stiff enough for that type of game. With 279 grams positioning the racket may be a bit difficult for professional players who use rackets of over 300 grams
  • Feel - this racket is not the most responsive in many shots, it is rather dampened, something that makes it great for amateur and recreational games.
Wilson Blade Team 99 Lite tennis racket specifications:
  • Brand: Wilson, Blade series
  • Model: Blade Team 99 Lite
  • Weight unstrung: 279 grams
  • Composition/Material: Graphite
  • Head size: 99.05 in²
  • Balance unstrung: 12.8 in
  • Length: 26.77 inches
  • Beam width: 22-24-22 mm
  • String pattern: 16x18
tennis racket specs
Wilson Blade Team 99 Lite specs

The head size of 99 inches happened to be almost perfect for players like me. I like to use variety of shots, lots of defensive slides and sometimes I was really struggling with the Wilson Pro Staff 97LS which I was using for almost a year (that racket had an amazing single-handed backhand capabilities I have tested). In my opinion weekend players shouldn't drop head size under 98 inches and the upper range should end somewhere at 102 sq.inches for those who want to be competitive in tournaments.


Wilson Blade Team 99 Lite is one of the most comfortable rackets I have played with. There are two main factors that make it feel that way:
  1. Weight - 279 grams on 99 inches make it one of the lightest Blade rackets made
  2. Balance - the slightly head balanced weight (32,5 cm) makes it very comfortable in the hand on short and very long swings. Serves are a joy compared to the Wilson Blade 98L which is just 6 grams heavier but much more head balanced.  
Wilson Blade Team 99 Lite
I play with grip size 3 on my Wilson rackets - this is the Blade Team 99 Lite


As I already mentioned I ordered the Wilson Blade Team 99 Lite from Tennispro website who have it on sale for just 99.90 Euros which is a great deal considering the MSRP is around 150 Euros.

I hope you find my Wilson Blade Team 99 Lite tennis racket review and the information provided useful. Don't forget to check the rest of my tennis racket reviews for more interesting rackets from different brands like HEAD, Babolat and others.

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  1. Really good tennis racket for recreational play (for beginners to intermediate players).