Wilson Blade 98L tennis racket - 16x19 and no Countervail

My real world test and consumer review of the lightweight version of the Blade 98 - the Wilson Blade 98L 16x19 without the Countervail material

Wilson Blade 98L tennis racket review
Not really impressed after playing with the Wilson Blade 98L
I have used my rackets in the last ten years and many of them I liked a lot but many I didn't like so much. That is the case with the Wilson Blade 98L 16x19 so far.

I have tested this racket only for an hour but I am not really impressed considering the premium price Wilson asks for it and the marketed features and specifications of the Blade 98L.

Wilson Blade 98L tennis racket specifications
Wilson Blade 98L tennis racket specifications
Wilson Blade 98L comes without the innovative Countervail material but I don't think that is the main reason for its fail. Check which are its main drawbacks in my short list below.
Here are the top 3 things I didn't like in the Wilson Blade 98L tennis racket:
  1. Comfort - it is promoted as the lightweight and more comfortable version of the 98L and that it is tuned for rather young or recreational players... but that is not entirely true. The weight balance is towards the head of the 98L and I mean too much in the head so the 285g feel even heavier than the 290g in the Pro Staff 97LS I previously used. The overall balance and first feeling of the racket is something I didn't like at all.
  2. Rather small sweet spot - I tested the 98L together with the similarly sized Blade Team 99 Lite and the sweet spot of the 98L felt so much smaller that I couldn't wait to get my hands back to the 99L Team which in a good way feel like a much much bigger racket. With the Wilson Blade 98L you need more concentration and if you get a good center shot it is quite rewarding, but for recreational games it is pretty difficult to get your shots right.
  3. The price - I think the Blade series and the 98L are way too overrated and in this manner I believe they are overpriced. 
Wilson Blade 98L and Blade Team 99 Lite reviewed
Wilson Blade 98L and Blade Team 99 Lite - in comparison (98L on the right)
Another fact that really pisses me off is the amount of fake reviews I found online prior testing the Blade 98L. And by fake I don't particularly mean paid but just such that are not corresponding very well to the real feeling, features and specifications of this tennis racket.

Most tennis companies promote it as a forgiving racket and even such that is suitable for players with elbow or other physical problems, I personally don't think so. It really felt heavy in the hand, despite its 285 gr.

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I will give it some more time and probably few more games with the Wilson Blade 98L 16x19 and I will take my decision whether to sell or keep it. I really meant to have it as my main racket for 2019 season but for now I will stick to the more comfortable and forgiving Blade Team 99 Lite. 

Please let me know what you think about the Wilson Blade 98L tennis racket, I will be happy to hear your opinion.

For this test I used HEAD Pro tennis balls.
Wilson Blade 98L and HEAD Pro balls

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