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My opinion about Samsung Galaxy A6+

Our honest consumer opinion about the brand new Samsung Galaxy A6+ smartphone

Samsung Galaxy A6+  my opinion

I first tested the all new Samsung Galaxy A6+ a week ago when I had to make some renewal options for my mobile carrier. I was actually kind of surprised by the design language of the A6+ which looked more like the 2017 version of the J5 and J7 series.

That is not bad thing at all, just the association with older model from lower series somehow doesn't seem right.

Our first-hand consumer feedback

For my short experience with this smartphone I should admit I really liked the A6+ and I believe it has the highest chances for becoming my next smartphone in the near future.

Here are the top 5 things that I liked in the all new Samsung Galaxy A6+ :
  1. Clean and simple design - elegant, not too shiny like the S-series (I tested the black version)
  2. The perfect screen size and resolution for buying a smartphone in 2019 - the 6-inch Super AMOLED display is the best combination of productivity and size, big enough but not too big like the A9
  3. Great user features - face recognition, dual rear camera, fingerprint scanner and many others
  4. Good hardware for the money - fast processor, enough RAM and above average battery life
  5. Adequate pricing - they offered me one for under 200 Euros, really an amazing deal

These are the top 5 things that impressed me with the new A6+. It is really hard for me to understand what else could you want from a smartphone and pay more than $1000 for higher spec iPhone or Huawei but I guess it is up to the personal preferences.
Samsung Galaxy A6+ specifications
Samsung Galaxy A6+ - phone specifications

 Samsung Galaxy A6+ rearSamsung Galaxy A6+ opinion

Samsung Galaxy A6+ IMEI back numberSamsung Galaxy A6+ rear dual camera

For me it is more than enough and honestly I am not willing to spend more than $300 for a smartphone in 2019.

Sasung Galaxy A6 Plus full video review - features, specs, image and video test

The new A6+ is definitely a very good package and my prediction is that it will become a best seller this year. Hopefully, I will have the chance to buy one soon and complete a full product review.

I am very much interested in the camera performance, wondering how this dual set up will work in a relatively budget phone.

Meanwhile, I will be happy to hear your opinion about the Samsung Galaxy A6+, especially if you already own one.