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The new ridiculously looking BMW 7-series 2019

BMW designers are demonstrating real lack of vision for their flagship model in 2019 - video

There are lots off funny photos online with the latest BMW trend of enlarging the front grill to a size that makes the car look really ugly. I myself have always liked the 2-kidney signature design of almost every BMW out there but it is getting really frustrating these days and I will tell you why.

I remember the days when everyone was criticizing Chris Bangle for his design ideas and provocative ideas 15 years ago but I truly loved how most BMW-s looked back then. Especially the 7-series limo and the 6-series coupe and convertible... just amazing. These models were true game changers and people remembered them, I believe that is the essence of BMW. Nothing like that these days, it is all about more cars on the production line.

And it would be very easy to make a mistake out there with a good looking car, if it is the latest Hyundai or if that is a new BMW, or a Mercedes. For me, the premium class went ugly long time ago, about 10 years ago and these days it is the peak of boring, "the newer the bigger" design.

And don't get me wrong, I am sure the new 2019 BMW 7-series is a better car, probably much better than any other 7-series before but somehow it lost its essence with these looks. That is my personal opinion and in the next video you will probably understand why:

2019 BMW 7-series Facelift model

Just tell me if you think that is not too much and over the top for a front grill. And the rest of the car, way too standard, nothing exciting and for true BMW enthusiast probably a bit boring.

And yes the car from the video is not some kind of joke or anything, it is a pre-production model that will be in showrooms very soon. Well, I am sure many rich people may like this dominant front-grill design, I most surely don't.

Do you share the same opinion or it is just me? Please let me know in the comments below.

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