Top 5 things I like about the Samsung Galaxy A6+

Samsung Galaxy A6+ is my favorite smartphone for 2018, here is why

Samsung Galaxy A6+ top features
Samsung Galaxy A6+ looks great in black
I first saw the Galaxy A6+ couple of weeks ago and totally liked this smartphone. I think it is the best combination of style, functionality, form factor and price. 

Here is a list with the things that I can point out that will make the Samsung Galaxy A6+ a true best seller:
  1. Price - that is one of the major concerns when taking the decision of buying a new smartphone. Here is where the Galaxy A6 really shines - even though it is a very capable mid-range phone it could be found offered with a 2-year plan for under $150. To buy it without contract you will need no more than $300. That is great value for money, especially considering the features I will mention next.
  2. Dual rear camera set up - a big driver for smartphone shoppers these days. The dual rear camera does pretty decent photos, especially in good light conditions.
  3. Super AMOLED display - definitely the best screens in class. I have tested numerous phones with Full HD and even 4K resolution and I will always prefer Samsung's Super AMOLED displays, they are really that good. The size of 6-inches is super adequate solution for most modern consumers who do everything on their smartphones - play games, watch YouTube videos, read and write emails, browse the Internet, read books and more.
  4. Design and form factor - simple and clean design whit metal back. The black version of the A6+ is super stylish and that is the one that I will probably get for my next smartphone.
  5. Performance and hardware - the multi-core processor and fast RAM ensure the A6+ will run any app smoothly. I am not a gamer but this phone will run most of the new mobile games just fine. 
Well, this is my short list with the best features of the all new Samsung Galaxy A6+. It is truly a  great smartphone that I can totally recommend. And NO Samsung did not pay me anything to write this down, that is really my personal opinion and that is why I considering of changing my good Samsung J5 2017 soon.

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Thank you for checking my Samsung Galaxy A6+ short comment!