Samsung Galaxy A6+ first impressions

First consumer impressions with the best mid-range phone for 2019 - the Samsung Galaxy A6+

Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus
First impressions Samsung Galaxy A6+ 
In the last couple of years I trusted Samsung for my mobile device and was very pleased with my latest device the J5 (2017). Actually I have used couple of smartphones from Samsung's J-series and they have all been very good. By the end of 2018 I started thinking of upgrading to the A-series which looked more upmarket with enhanced cameras and features. And the time for the upgrade finally came, I got the 2018 version of the Galaxy A6+ (also known as A6 Plus). This basically is a 6-inch Android smartphone with 16MP dual rear camera and Super AMOLED display. 
Samsung Galaxy A6+ with case
A6 Plus - the unboxing process with dual-layer case
Top 3 things I like about the Samsung Galaxy A6+ :
  • Giant 6-inch Super AMOLED display
  • Form factor - metal solid body, feels sturdy and well made
  • Price - Bought mine for $200
Galaxy A6+ - My first impressions
My first impressions with the smartphone are good though not excellent. The form factor is great, the phone is compact even though the screen to body ratio is not perfect because it is not entirely frameless. The full metal body feels solid in the hand but immediately reminded me of the 2017 J5 and J7 editions which looked exactly the same in its back part (definitely not a bad thing). 

Samsung Galaxy A6+ screen start up

Actually what I believe Samsung did is to mix the levels a bit and in 2019 what used to be J series is now the A series. This can be concluded because of the lack of new high-end features previously kept only for the S and A series. Same could be said for the Super AMOLED display in the A6+ which is good but far from what we saw in the A8 and even in the previous generation A5 (that is my personal opinion).
Samsung Galaxy A6+ specifications
Samsung Galaxy A6+ specs
I will spend some time with the Galaxy A6+ testing it and I will make sure to review it shortly for you. 
Samsung Galaxy A6+ metal back Samsung Galaxy A6+ documents

These were my first impressions with the Samsung Galaxy A6+, I will be happy to hear your opinion about the phone in the comments below. Do you think it is the best mid-range smartphone for 2019 or you have another favorite?

Top 3 things I hate about the Samsung Galaxy A6+

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