What makes Dell Latitude E7240 such a great laptop?

One of the most popular ultrabooks is still on service in 2019 - my review of the Dell Latitude E7240

my ultrabook - Dell Latitude E7240
Four years ago: my ultrabook Dell Latitude E7240
Back in the days when I bought my Dell Latitude E7240 it was the most serious investment I have made in regards to computers. It was a high-end ultrabook with sleek design and a pretty high price tag. But now after couple of years of use I can say it was all worth the price. So what makes the Latitude E7240 one of the best second hand laptops in 2019? Let's find out.

Before I continue with my user review, here are the most important features and specs of my ultrabook:
Brand: Dell
Dell Latitude E7240 features and specs
Model: Latitude E7240
Display size: 12.5-inch
Display resolution: HD 720p
Processor: Intel Core i5-4310U @ 2.00 GHz 
ROM: 256 SSD
Graphics: Integrated Intel 

My first impressions 
My first impressions right after I bought the computer were very positive. My Dell Latitude E7240 looked very solid built and gave the feeling for a product that is going to last. And I wasn't wrong.

After so many hours of use, occasional drops and different kinds of abuse it is still working in great condition and performs almost as new. Well, of course there is some wear and tear around but that is expected for a mobile machine on 3+ years going around the world all the time.

The battery is still holding on but is not at its best. It holds charge for around an hour of use before it totally gives up and needs a charger.

Performance throughout the years was always stable. I almost didn't have any issues with it, no reinstall and such. Two times I had problems with it - first it was some drivers for the mouse and fingerprint but I believe that was due to the fact it was some kind of Scandinavian import and second was RAM issue with no reading half (4GB) of my RAM after massive vibrations experienced by the laptop.
my ultrabook - Dell Latitude E7240

I have also commented on other minor issues and performance figures for which I would recommend you to check my previous articles in regards to that:

The keyboard

Dell Latitude E7240 ultrabook keyboardDell Latitude E7240 has by far the most comfortable keyboard I have ever used. When I remember the fact that some "professionals" compare this keyboard to the one on the MacBook Air and say the Apple's is even better I burst into laughter. I have used them both, Apple's keyboards are flat, with short key travel and I honestly don't like them at all. For more information on the topic feel free to check my Dell Latitude E7240 keyboard test.

It is by far not the best screens on a laptop that you can find with relatively low resolution by today's standards. But it is a mat screen with high brightness which makes it perfect for working in direct sunlight conditions. It is not a touchscreen of course and I don't think that is a minus.

Dell Latitude E7240 is a well known machine and I believe there are many resources and info about it online so I am not going to waste more of your precious time for my personal impressions with it.

What I can conclude is that if you are looking for a used ultrabook in 2019 that is probably one of the best suggestions I can give you. It is ultra-portable laptop with great hardware characteristics and also very comfortable to use. For a second hand laptop many would recommend you something from the Lenovo high-end series (e.g. Lenovo Thinkpad Ultrabook T460) but I wouldn't put them on one table with the E7240 which gives you the complete package - looks, stability, performance and probably a decent price of around $250 second hand (grade A, A-).

DELL XPS 13 vs Latitude E7240 ultrabook video comparison

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