Delonghi espresso and cappuccino maker

Our customer review of the popular budget cappuccino and espresso maker by Delonghi

Delonghi espresso and cappuccino maker review

To start with we know almost nothing about this Delonghi coffee machine. Today's review would be dedicated to consumer's opinions and will rely mostly on you.  After all, who doesn't like a good cup of coffee early in the morning!?

We have seen this espresso and cappuccino making machine quite often, both at online listings and in real stores as well. Probably that is because Delonghi is one of the most popular coffee making machine brands in the world...

So, we would really appreciate first hand opinions and customer reviews from those of you who have already tested this budget Delonghi espresso and cappuccino machine. Please feel free to leave your comments in the form below.

We will also be happy to hear what other coffee machine you might be using and are you actually happy with it? Is there any that you might recommend?

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