NEO ES-30 budget espresso machine

Specifications and customer review of NEO ES-30 mini coffee maker

NEO ES-30 coffee machine
NEO ES-30 coffee machine is a small espresso maker intended for home use. It’s a budget product but makes very good espresso. You can find it on Amazon or other home appliances web stores for around $20.

NEO ES-30 budget coffee machine
  • Type: Manual coffee machine
  • Power: 750 W
  • Reservoir: 1 l
  • Pressure: 3,5 Bar
  • Works with: ground coffee
  • Set includes: coffee pot and tamper
Review and impressions:We did not intend to buy a dedicated espresso machine so the NEO ES-30 coffee maker was an accidental purchase. However, we now love it and use it daily. It makes great coffee and is easy to use and clean.
The box comes with a coffee pot (in the pictures) and a coffee tamper. The machine has a reservoir for 1 l of water but the coffee pot would fill only 2 cups of coffee at most. The NEO ES-30 espresso machine is small and can fit almost everywhere in your kitchen.


This machine works with ground coffee - the type specifically for espresso machines, so make sure to check the label before you buy. Specifications say that the NEO ES-30 can make espresso and cappuccino, but I haven’t tried cappuccino yet.

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My overall impressions with the NEO ES-30 budget espresso machine are great. It makes delicious, not overly strong espresso and is easy to maintain. I would recommend it if you’re looking for a simple budget machine for your morning coffee.