How good is the Dell Latitude E7240 keyboard - our review

First hand consumer review of the Dell Latitude E7240 keyboard  

E7240 keyboard review

We will start this keyboard review with the verdict. From the very start I can tell you the Latitude E7240 keyboard is one of the most comfortable keyboards we have ever tested. Here are couple of interesting reasons why:

Dell Latitude E7240 is not sold anymore but is still one of the best ultrabooks that one can use for work. Therefore Dell invested a lot of attention to the keyboard of this laptop and made it best in class. The overall quality is very good, with premium feel thanks to the quality plastics used for manufacturing it. We didn't have any issues working on the company Latitude E7240 for over 5 years.

Latitude E7240 keyboard test

The E7240 keys have proper travel and feel very solid with each click. Their form factor makes it that each finger stays stable when typing fast.It is also a backlit keyboard, so no issues during overnight.

I've heard many friends and colleagues saying they love their Mac's keyboard. I have occasionally used couple of MacBook-s and their keyboard didn't feel anywhere else as close as the Dell's. Apple's keys felt very flat and with very short travel.

Please note that we wrote this review after more than 5 years of using/testing the Dell Latitude E7240. The information we provide is first-hand consumer point of view but people have different preferences so what is comfortable for us might be a real fail for others.

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