Sprint Apolon Pro 26 - reliable bike for the weekend

Weekend ride with the affordable Sprint Apolon Pro 26 - customer bike review

Sprint Apolon Pro 26 bike review
Sprint Apolon Pro 26 riding through sand, grass and rocks with ease

We hope most of you love bikes. I definitely do and I do my pest to ride any of my bicycles as much as I can (including the magnetic bike Body Sculpture BC 5500 at home). 

Today I will stress some attention at the latest purchase we made - the mid-range mountain bike Sprint Apolon Pro 26. This is 2016 year model and it was one of the last ones left and it was bought directly from the manufacturer for 350 Euros.

Sprint bikes are assembled in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and they offer couple more brands like Ferrini, Shockblaze and Bikesport.

The looks
I have to admit the the Sprint Apolon Pro 26 looks pretty good, even though the bike is not any of the latest models on the market. The alloy frame is painted mostly in gray with black and red elements.

The overall impressions by the first look are pretty good, leaving the feeling of much more expensive bike.

Performance and specifications
The Apolon Pro 26 is a mid-range bike, it is neither too expensive nor too cheap for casual weekend trips to the mountain tracks with moderate jumps and off-road courses.

Even though this bike has strong alloy frame and very good components, sporty quality fork (SUNTOUR XCR32 RL-R DS, TRAVEL: 100mm, REM. LOCK) it is definitely not purposed for heavy duty mountain tracks and off-road. 

Front and rear derailleurs are both Shimano Acera and it is the same with the sifters - Acera SL-M3000 with gear optical display.

With the Apolon Pro 26 we have 27 gears on board which gives plenty of choices and flexibility for all types of driving. 
Sprint Apolon Pro 26 customer review
First ride with the Sprint Apolon Pro 26
The breaks are very important part of every bicycle and the Sprint Apolon Pro has a pretty good ones - hydraulic Shimano BL-M396 / BR-M395, ROTOR 160mm, 180mm, center lock.

The chain is Shimano CN-HG53.

Wheels and tires
That is the part of the Apolon Pro I like the most - double-wall rims with Continental X-King tires is a very good, comfortable combination for all terrains.

The seat is very far from being comfortable. The model is ACTIVE DDK-530 with Promax seat tube. Here Sprint could have done a bit better.

Bike weight 
The Apolon Pro 26 weighs around 14 kg.

As I mentioned in the very beginning we bought the Spring Apolon Pro 26 for 350 Euros and I believe that was a good deal. 

I have done less than 100 km with this bike so I will give some time to share more impressions with other consumers. So far the bike has been more than adequate, it just needs a bit more adjustments of the the Shimano gears and it would be all set for the whole season. 

Soon I will probably install the Sigma BC 16.12 STS wireless road bike computer which I am currently using on my 2x2 Worldwide road bike.

Main pros of the Spring Apolon Pro 26 bike:
  • Affordable price
  • Good components
  • Adequate geometry and looks
  • Good breaks
  • Very good fork with remote lock

What is the bike you are riding this summer? Share your favorite bike with us, tell us more about your best rides with it.

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