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Riding the Sprint Apolon Pro 26

Riding the mountain bike Sprint Apolon Pro 26 happens to be a real pleasure

Sprint Apolon Pro 26 bike It has been couple of weeks since we bought the Sprint Apolon Pro 26 and this bike is pretty nice to ride on.
As we mentioned in our initial review of the bike, this is a very adequate mountain bike for under 400 Euro.

Our experience with the Sprint Apolon Pro 26
We tested the bike on so many different surfaces – sand, mud, rocks, forest bike trails, roads and more. It performed great on almost all of these surfaces, being very stable and precise to control.
One little issue we had with the Apolon Pro 26 was controlling the bike in very slow speed.

My thoughts about this problem is the fact that the manufacturer probably made it too precise as they thought the bike would be mostly be driven on mixed off-road surfaces.

On public roads the Sprint Apolon Pro also behaves quite civilized, taking on different obstacles with ease.

Other thoughts
Last week we also tested the Sprint Wood 2 Mountain which is a more expensive 27.5 inch of the Apolon pro (Deore, cable inside and more) colored in very similar paint and also performing as good if not better.


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