Samsung 43Q60R 43-inch QLED TV

Samsung 43Q60R 43-inch 4k QLED TV - product features, specifications and consumer opinion

Samsung 43Q60R TV review
Samsung 43Q60R QLED 4k TV
Since we haven't reviewed any QLED televisions recently, we decided it is high time to spend some time talking about Samsung's premium TV technology. Samsung 43Q60R is a premium 43-inch 4k Smart QLED television with native resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

Samsung 43Q60R QLED TV
Amazing colors and image quality from the Samsung 43Q60R

The 43Q60R is very popular in East Europe and Asia where it could be found tagged as 43Q60RAK and QA43Q60RAKXXL.

Blaupunkt CL02WH multi-function alarm clock

Blaupunkt CL02WH multi-function alarm clock features and specifications

Blaupunkt CL02WH alarm clock
Blaupunkt CL02WH compact and cheap alarm clock

You probably noticed we love to review gadgets, all kinds of gadgets and consumer electronics. That is why today we are taking a closer look at the multi-functional alarm clock Blaupunkt CL02WH.

This is a cheap device but with some good features and it will definitely do its tasks - to wake you up in a "fashionable" manner.

JBL Tune 110 - the best cheap headphones

Are the JBL Tune 110 really the best cheap in-ear headphones on the market today? We think YES - our opinion and consumer review

It is just couple of days since we bought the budget in-ear headphones JBL Tune 110 and honestly we couldn't wait to post their first review. The reason why? Well yes, they are really that cheap and yes, they are really that good. 

First impressions
JBL Tune 110 in-ear headphone with mic

Our first impression with the JBL Tune 110 was very positive. First of all they were presented in very solid and nice looking package that says quality even before unboxing the earphones themselves. 
Inside we found the beautiful and very small JBL Tune 110 set of in-ear headphones which was bough for under $10 (unbelievable, isnt't). 

User reviews for LED LG 43UK6200PLA 4K Ultra HD TV

Most popular reviews and feedback for the LED LG Smart, 43" 43UK6200PLA 4K Ultra HD TV + our recommendation

LG 43UK6200PLA TV - consumer opinion
LG 43UK6200PLA - affordable 4K TV
 LG TVs have gained popularity in the past years - mainly because of their OLED functionality. Today we would like to take a look at the most popular customer opinions for one specific model - the LG 43UK6200PLA Smart 43" 4K Ultra HD TV.

Let’s start off with the specifications of this TV:

Philips OneBlade - trim, edge and shave

Quick customer review and opinion of the innovative electrical shaver and trimmer by Philips - the OneBlade

Philips OneBlade trimmer reviewed
Philips OneBlade - compact and yet capable

Philips OneBlade
is a trimmer that got extremely popular in the last couple of months. That is mostly due to the fact they promise to shave almost like a real shaver, to trim nice and to make nice edge haircuts on your own behalf (and not only).

Philips OneBlade - video and instructions

NEI 32NE4000 - budget TV review and feedback

Product specifications and customer overview of the cheap 32-inch TV NEI 32NE4000

NEI 32NE4000 TV

NEI is a Romanian brand that markets very cheap TV solutions for the broad audience. Their goal is to make decent TV quality affordable for everyone. They deliver, at least on the affordability front - most of their TVs come at under USD 500.

Today we’ll look at one of their most budget-friendly model - the NEI 32NE4000. It’s a 32-inch middle-class TV intended for family use.

Let’s start by checking the main characteristics of this budget NEI model.

Main characteristics:
  • Display diagonal: 80 cm / 32 inch
  • TV type: NON SMART
  • Display technology: LED
  • Image quality: HD
  • Color: Black
  • Screen type: Flat

Video characteristics:
  • Resolution: 1366 x 768
  • TV tuner: DVB-C, DVB-T2

Audio characteristics:
  • Audio system: 2x stereo speakers
  • Speakers: 20 W
  • Independent control: No

  • Ports: 1 x Jack 3.5 mm
  • 2 x HDMI
  • 1 x SCART
  • CI+ slot
  • 2 x USB
  • 1 x AV
  • 1 x RF

Energy consumption:
  • Efficiency: Class A+
  • Consumption: 60W

With a stand: 732 x 475 x 200 mm
Without a stand: 732 x 434 x 86 mm
Weight (with a stand): 8 kg

Wall mount:
VESA stand 200 x 100

Looking at the characteristics of the NEI 32NE4000, it’s clear that this is a simple TV model without many fancy features. This is of course taken into account in the price, which currently comes at under USD 120 in several online shops.

For this price, you get a middle-range TV with surprisingly clear picture. The HD quality is decent and allows you to enjoy movies and sports games. The NEI 32NE4000 is good for everyday use for the general public. The sound quality is okay-ish, not great, but users report that the sound volume was more than they expected.

What TV to buy in 2020

Something to keep in mind before you consider buying this TV is that it doesn’t have any smart features. Don’t expect to be able to open any of your favorite apps such as Youtube or Netflix. The price range doesn’t allow for that. While this is a deal breaker for most people, the NEI 32NE4000 still has 2x HDMI ports for connectivity. You can purchase a smart Google Chromecast device and cast any content you want. Alternatively, you can go old-school and simply connect your laptop to the TV.

User feedback

I’ve looked through some of the user feedback that is available for the NEI TV brand online and for this specific model.

Most of the people report that the colors of the NEI 32NE4000 are surprisingly good and the sound is louder that they expected. The general feedback is that the price - quality ratio is very good and the NEI is worth the money.

Some users report that they have been surprised by not having any access to apps such as YouTube or Netflix, as well as some difficulties with the TV menu and guide book.

The design is simple and generally liked by customers who bought the product.

Final verdict
In conclusion, I would say that the NEI 32NE4000 will not be my first choice when it comes to a main TV for my big living room. However, if I need a kitchen or bedroom TV where I know I won’t be watching action-packed 4K movies and I can save on the budget, I would definitely look into the NEI brand.

List of other interesting cheap TVs:

Hitachi 55HK25T74U TV - customer opinion

Our consumer opinion about the 55-inch 4k TV Hitachi 55HK25T74U

Hitachi 55HK25T74U TV
Hitachi 55HK25T74U - good value for money big screen TV

If we need to start explaining what is the Hitachi 55HK25T74U we should start with the hard specifications:

TV picture quality:

  • LED TV Screen

  • 4K Ultra HD Certified display resolution

  • Motion rate 50Hz

  • Viewing angle 178/178 degrees

  • Resolution 3840 x 2160 pixels

  • Screen size: 55 inches

  • Size of TV with stand: H76.6, W124.8, D25.3cm

  • Weight of TV with stand: 14kg

  • Suitable for wall mounting 400 x 200 bracket

  • Length of cable: 1.5m

  • Packaged size H88.4, W136.9, D15.4cm

  • Packaged weight 17.75kg
Sound quality:

  • DTS sound system

  • 2 x 10 watt RMS power output

  • 2 USB ports, 3 HDMI sockets

  • Composite socket

  • VGA input socket - "video graphics array" is a video output connection that is the display standard for PC computers

  • Headphone socket

  • Optical connection

  • Built in Wi-Fi

  • Ethernet connection

  • DLNA compatibility - allows you to wirelessly send content from devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones

  • Smartphone remote

  • Remote control included
Smart TV features:

  • Smart TV

  • Web OS operating system

  • Compatible with the following smart apps: Netflix, BBC iPlayer, iTV, demand 5, 4od, youTube

  • Internet browser

  • Miracast
Digital features:

  • Features USB video playback.

  • HDR - makes whites brighter, intensifies colour and enhances the overall picture for an epic cinematic effect

  • Freeview Play digital tuner

  • Freeview Play (UK) and Saorview (ROI)

  • Saorview digital tuner (Saorview can only be received in the Republic of Ireland).

  • Single core processor

  • CI plus slot

  • Aerial required
Other features:

  • Sleep timer

  • Parental controls
Energy efficiency info:

  • Energy efficiency rating: A+

  • On mode power consumption 86 watts

  • Annual power consumption 125kWh

  • Standby power consumption 0.5 watt

Finding a job in Sofia, Bulgaria

Is it mission impossible to find a decent job in Sofia? Here are our tips what to work in the capital of Bulgaria (EU) 

find job Sofia, Bulgaria
Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria with so many job opportunities
Finding a decent job is never easy and sometimes can be really stressful. It almost is the same story if you live or plan to relocate in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.

Since Bulgaria is in the European Union for quite some time probably you would expect it to be civilized and in good order, even in the recruitment and employment sector. Well... you may be surprised but Sofia is very far from being a good example for all of you job seekers. 

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