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Philips OneBlade - trim, edge and shave

Quick customer review and opinion of the innovative electrical shaver and trimmer by Philips - the OneBlade

Philips OneBlade trimmer reviewed
Philips OneBlade - compact and yet capable

Philips OneBlade
is a trimmer that got extremely popular in the last couple of months. That is mostly due to the fact they promise to shave almost like a real shaver, to trim nice and to make nice edge haircuts on your own behalf (and not only).

Philips OneBlade - video and instructions

Trimming and shaving performance

Shaving system
  • Contour-following technology
  • Dual protection system
  • Trimming system: Contour-following technology

  • Comb: 3 stubble combs (1, 3, 5 mm)
  • Maintenance: Storage cap

Ease of use
  • Charging: Rechargeable
  • Display: Charging indicator on adapter
  • Wet and dry use: Yes

  • Color: Lime green, charcoal grey
  • Handle: Ribbed rubber grip

  • Run time: 45 minutes
  • Charging: 8 hours full charge
  • Battery type: Ni-MH
  • Automatic voltage: 100-240 V
  • Max power consumption: 2  W

Philips OneBlade specifications  Philips OneBlade trimmer - customer check

Our opinion
The price of the OneBlade is quite affordable (around 30 Euro) for what it promises. We believe that the experience with their trimmer would love or hate.

It is a combo device after all and we all know that combos often don't do anything right, even being capable of doing couple of interesting activities, all included in the contract.

Our suggestion: Try It

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