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Philips MG3747 Multigroom all-in-one trimmer specs and review

Genuine test and review of the compact and very capable all-in-one trimmer Philips MG3747 Multigroom - price info, specifications and my personal opinion

Philips MG3747 Multigroom trimmer
Philips MG3747 Multigroom trimmer - my review
I have already used couple of Philips trimmers and most of them were pretty good. Actually, in the past 5+ years Philips is the only brand that I trusted for my personal trimmer needs. Today I am taking a look at a versatile tool, the Philips MG3747 Multigroom all-in-one trimmer.

This self-sharpening blades trimmer has 9 different tools that come as standard within the box. Here are most of the Philips MG3747 Multigroom features and specs:
  • Runs on battery up to 70 minutes
  • 9 tools for different types of trimming and hair-cutting, including nose and ear trimmer - one metal trimmer, 7 combs
  • Rinseable attachments
  • 3-years guarantee
Philips MG3747 Multigroom is very compact in size and also very comfortable to use. Compared to the Philips QC5370/15 hair clipper Plus that I am still using the MG3747 Multigroom is kind of easier to use and handle. 

Philips MG3747 Multigroom trimmer specs
Philips MG3747 Multigroom all-in-one trimmer specifications

As for the price info that I can give you, it depends on the location you will shop your trimmer. In UK you can find the Philips MG3747 Multigroom for 40 GBP, while on other European markets this compact and versatile trimmer will cost you around 45 Euro. The United State price is $45-60, which I consider pretty good deal.

Philips MG3747 Multigroom price info
Philips MG3747 Multigroom costs around $50

This was my real world review of the Philips MG3747 Multigroom all-in-one trimmer. I hope you found the information useful. Please let me know if you need more information about this trimmer, I will be happy to give you more details in the comment form below.

Philips MG3747 Multigroom versatile tool
Philips MG3747 Multigroom is quite a versatile tool
Thank you for checking our Philips MG3747 Multigroom consumer review!

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