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Philips QC5370/15 hair clipper Plus - consumer review after one year

Philips QC5370/15 hair clipper Plus

My impressions with the Philips QC5370/15 hair clipper Plus after one year of use

I am going to start this short review by saying that I was very pleased with the performance of the Philips QC5370/15 hair clipper Plus unit... until it suddenly refused to do what it was supposed to.

But I will be fair and though I am kind of mad I will share both the good and bad things that I noticed in this hair clipper from Philips.

The good stuff

Well, first of all I got this hair clipper pretty cheap - around 30 euros is a very good price for a washable cordless hair clipper. Philips QC5370/15 is light and very comfortable to use and the battery lasts for plenty of time. One of the most impressive things about it that you can full charge it for less than an hour - for a comparison we can point some other budget hair clippers which recharge their battery after 10-12 hours.

The rubberised body is very grippy and you also get plenty of length adjustments thanks to the 21 length settings that you can control with a scroll of a wheel. Philips claims that the QC5370/15 is 100% washable and here is when it all got wrong...

The bad

At first I was very careful when washing the hair clipper after using it but after some time I decided to take advantage of the option to directly rinse it in the sink. And of course this wasn't a very good idea. After this one time of complete wash up the hair clipper became very loud and did't work as expected - it was almost impossible to get the job done.

Thankfully, I have another Philips hair clipper which I now use but the disappointment from the QC5370/15 was pretty big as I liked quite a lot after I started using it.

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I also never got the chance to return it under warranty so I guess that was it for this hair clipper. I am going to do one last try these day and see if it is any good or should it go to trash.

I would also recommend you to check the full review where more pictures, video and info about this hair clipper are available.

Thank you for checking my review of this affordable trimmer. Please let me know what you think about the Philips QC5370/15 hair clipper Plus in the comment section.

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