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Orion Joy L5 - cheap stationary bike

Looking for a cheap stationary bike in 2020? We test and review the affordable but yet quality bike made by Orion - the Joy L5

Orion cheap bike
Since the Corona virus struck the whole planet very hard and most of us needed to stay home for the quarantine period it was time to think of the ways to stay in shape while at home.

So, it was time to take measures and our choice was made - new stationary bike (sold our previous one couple of months ago due to inactivity). We bought the Orion Joy L5 from an online shop for just under $200 which is a good price for an entry-level sports bike.

Well we wished we could ride our awesome Sprint Apolon Pro 26 somewhere outside but we would have to wait a bit for that, health and safety are top priorities right now.

Orion Joy L5 stationary bike specifications

So, to begin this review properly, here are the main features and specifications of the bike:
• Magnetic loading system
• Computer with large LCD
• Flywheel: 5 kg
• 8 levels of manual load
• Option to monitor 5 indicators simultaneously
• Max user weight – 120 kg
• Dimensions: 93 х 50 х 134 cm
• Weight: around 25 kg (gross)

Our consumer feedback

Assembly - the assembly was a bit of a struggle just because we didn't manage to attache the internal tension cable (string) at first.
Orion stationary bike box
The box - not that big and easy to carry, easily fit in the elevator

Even though the bike came with pretty adequate instructions manual it didn't say we had to pull the cable very hard in order to attach it to the hook. But after some 2 hours of struggle we made it, and the bike was ready for a spin.
bike assembly process
The bike assembly process... thankfully instructions manual was provided

First ride - our first impressions from the Orion bike were very positive. And even though we tested it only for a week I can conclude it is a well made product and I hope we won't regret the purchase.
cheap stationary bike

The seat is very comfortable and so are the handles. The bike rides smoothly and silently which is are big pluses for every stationary bike as most consumer want to train as quietly as possible.

stationary bike seat
The seat is quite big and also very comfortable

Consumer features - we should really take into consideration that this is a budget bike and so would be its main features. But to be honest, the Joy L5 doesn't feel cheap at all - its looks sturdy and well made. It has a multi-functional display with the usual features like pulse, distance, speed and few more.

stationary bike display screen turned on

There is a useful phone/tablet holder on the bottom of the screen so you can place your mobile device and watch some videos while riding the bike.

We also made a short video of the bike so you would get a better idea of how it looks and feels:

Orion Joy L5 cheap stationary bike video review

The Orion Joy L5 has 8 levels of tension which can be controlled by a handle in the main beam. From my short experience with the bike I would say we will only use the first 3 levels - 1 for warm up and 2/3 for the main training.


If you are looking to buy a cheap stationary bike in 2020 I would definitely recommend the Orion Joy L5. It looks quality and well made, it rides smoothly and not least it is offered on a fair price.

Other models in Orion's model range are the L6 Max which has adjustable seat and supports up to 120 kg and the Joy F6 Max which also has an adjustable seat position but also a bigger 7 kg flywheel.

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