Sony CH510 wireless headphones review

Consumer review of the budget Bluetooth wireless headset Sony WH-CH510

Sony CH510 Bluetooth headset
Sony CH510 in white - the WH-CH510 wireless headset

In today's consumer review we are taking a closer look at one of the affordable Bluetooth wireless headphones on the market today - the Sony CH510.

The specific model we have here is the WH-CH510 which basically means it is the white version of this headset, but it is also offered in blue, black and couple more color choices.

Sony CH510 - product specs
Sony CH510 - product specifications

Sony CH510 main features / specifications

  • Bluetooth® wireless technology for unrestricted movement

  • Up to 35 hours of battery life for all day power and quick charging

  • Easy hands-free calling and voice assistant commands with microphone

  • Compact and lightweight, swivel ear cups allow easy portability

  • Hear more detail with the 1.18 " Driver Unit

This headset weighs around 4.66 oz which is pretty light, considering the fact that it needs to store the battery which holds up to 200h stand-by time.

Sony WH-CH510 review Sony WH-CH510 box

To get a better idea of the Sony CH510, here is a quick video tour and review of the product:

Sony WH-CH510 product overview - video

Sony CH510 price info

The Sony CH510 is offered in many different markets but it is specially popular in India and Eastern Europe. The price for the Indian market is around 3500 Rupees while on other locations you can see it offered for $65.

Sony CH510 verdict
This is a fair price for a quality Sony product but please don't expect premium sound here. For that you will need to pick any of the other Sony headsets that deliver superior sound but come at much higher price.

The Sony CH510 delivers adequate sound and is one of the better offers in this price category.

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