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We bought a cheap LED flashlight - 2020 review

After a long search for quality but yet cheap LED flashlight, we finally bought the Go Gadget Tools lamp

Go Gadget Tools LED light
Go Gadget Tools -  the cheapest big flashlight we could find this year

We were trying to find a multipurpose flashlight in the last couple of weeks but we struggled to pick something that is good value for money.

The first models that drew our attention were way too expensive and the cheap ones looked totally pointless.

But today we found a tool made by Go Gadget Tools that costed us less than $10 and we are super happy with that price.

Product video review

To give you a better idea of this cheap flashlight we made a full consumer review for you:

Our feedback after the first use is quite positive. Of course we wish it came with rechargeable batteries that you can charge directly in the device but that would have cost much more.

Versatility and ease of use
The Go Gadget Tools LED flashlight is very easy to operate with. It has a single ON/OFF button which also controls the two different modes - switch from the main lamp to the LED cluster.

power on button  flashlight hook

Go Gadget tools
The stand is quite useful, a fine touch by Go Gadget tools

This tool has a nice grip and a hood that would help you attach and hold it on different parts (on your car lets say).

The Go Gadget LED lamp is powered by three batteries (we've showed installation guide in the video). We are still not sure how much the 3x AA batteries are going to last but we will see and share with you after some time.

flashlight batteries  LED flashlight battery compartment

We used VARTA non-rechargeable batteries for this review but you can test with any brand, just make sure they are the right type.

For now, we are glad we could find a big LED flashlight that is also powerful enough and not very expensive.

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Did you buy any new flashlight in 2020? Please share your impressions with this one or any other lamp that you liked!