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Cheap mouse pad by Hama

We review the cheap mouse pad with kittens, made by Hama

Hama mouse pad
Cheap mouse pad with kittens
To start with, this is not going to be yet another gaming mouse pad review. We know the market is literally flooded with these and you can easily find the one that is going to suit your needs as a gamer.

Today, we want to share our feedback about a cheap and yet very cute mouse pad made by Hama.

Looks and dimension
The kitten mouse pad that we bought is quite small as you can see from the dimensions from the image below:
mouse pad specs

That would also mean that it is quite comfortable to carry around and we guess its best use would be for small to medium laptops. For big home PCs and bigger desks we would recommend you to buy a bigger pad.

Hama Ultra Style bag for 13.3 inch ultrabooks

The pattern as you see is with 4 kittens but there were several more animal patterns available from where we bought this pad.

Comfort of use
To be honest, this pad is a bit on the firm side (quite rough) which also makes it quite loud (depending on the mouse you are using). We tested it with the HP Wireless Mouse Z4000 and working on this cheap Hama pad was quite loud.

Other than that, the special coating on its back side made it quite steady, thanks to the non-slip design and material used.

Hama mouse pad - video review

Here we made for you a quick unboxing video and product tour so you can get a better idea and view of this cheap mouse pad:

We bought this cheap mouse pad for just $2.

Well, that was our quick consumer review of the cheap Hama mouse pad with kittens.

We hope you enjoyed it and don't forget to leave your comments about this product in case you found it interesting.

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