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Philips Series 1000 trimmer - consumer review

Consumer test and review of the compact nose and year trimmer Philips Series 1000

Philips nose and ear trimmer
Philips Series 1000 nose & ear trimmer

Today at our consumer blog we are taking a closer look at the Philips Series 1000 nose and ear trimmer. And actually this is one of my personal devices, so this is a 100% consumer product review, discussing the features, specifications and my consumer feedback as well.

Philips Series 1000 trimmer - main product specs

  • Brand: Philips
  • Model: nose trimmer Series 1000
  • Cutting system: 21 mm (13/16") cutter nose trimmer
  • Blades: stainless-steel bladse
  • Cutter length/settings: 1
  • Cleaning: Washable 
  • Maintenance: Oil-free
  • Power: single AA battery

Philips Series 1000 trimmer - design and feel
The 1000 series nose trimmer is relatively small and easy to hold. It has a good grip but not perfect though - it is mostly hard shiny plastic that you hold, rather than rubberized part to hold. I guess that's due to some cost savings, since this trimmer is quite cheap.

Philips Series 1000 compared to Series 5000
Philips Series 1000 compared to Series 5000

Philips Series 1000 trimmer - use
After couple of years of using this trimmer on a weekly basis it still works just fine. I have only used just couple of batteries so far, so it is quite energy-efficient.

washable blades    trimmer review

I also carry it with me when I travel and thanks to its small size and weight it is really not a problem.

Philips Series 1000 nose & year trimmer - video

Using it for nose and year trimming is quite easy and efficient. I have never experienced any issues or felt pain after using the Series 1000 nose trimmer. For most of the time it removes nose and year hairs quite gently. You have to be careful though, it has cutting blades after all.

Philips Series 1000 battery
The battery compartment

Washing is also quite easy and quick since this product is washable.

Philips Series 1000 nose trimmer costs around $25. It is quite cheap and reliable, so definitely a good purchase.

Thanks for checking our Philips Series 1000 trimmer consumer review!

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