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Samsung Galaxy camera test in bright and sunny weather

We are testing the Samsung Galaxy A50 rear camera in nice and sunny weather conditions. Here are the results...

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To start this we review, we need to be completely honest and mention that we bought the Samsung Galaxy A50 for under $300 and therefore the expectations from his rear triple-camera setup shouldn't be high.

We previously mentioned that we are quite satisfied with the performance of the main A50 camera in good daylight conditions. That is mainly thanks to the bright f1.7 sensor of the main camera which allows you to make clear shots in many situations... but unfortunately not in any.

Today we test the camera in very bright and sunny weather and the results are not that great to say the least. Well, we believe that if the smartphone was set on one spot and probably placed on a tripod or something to stabilize it and the aperture wasn't constantly changing due to the changing light conditions results may have been better.

Samsung Galaxy A50 - live focus camera test

But we wanted to make honest and real-world review of this Samsung Galaxy smartphone camera, the same way you would experience it if you buy the phone.

Here is the test we got for you:

Samsung smartphone camera test in sunny weather - video

You can see that once the camera focuses the object nicely things are quite acceptable, even though there is a lot of color fringing.
Also, if you have a mixed scene of a very bright and parts very dark spots, than the dark ones are underexposed and are quite hard to even recognize.

We should remind you that the Galaxy A50 does not have any built-in optical image stabilization (OIS) like some of the Samsung flagships models (S10, Note 10 and Note 10 Lite, S20...).

You can also check how this smartphone performs in rainy conditions (a test we made couple of days ago) with similar setup - handheld with the Huawei AF15 tripod selfie stick:

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