Ridiculous problem with the Philips Multigroom MG5720 trimmer

The issue with charging and using the Philips Multigroom MG5720 trimmer really surprised us

Philips Multigroom MG5720 issue

To be honest, I was quite happy using the Philips Multigroom MG5720 in the last couple of months - it is compact, reliable and not very loud.

But for my surprise I found an issue or probably I should say a feature that really ruined part of the good feedback with this product.

In the next couple of lines I will explain more about the problem.

No trimming while the Multigroom MG5720 is charging

Philips Multigroom MG5720 charging

The other day I found out that while the battery of the Philips MG5720 was drained and I forgot to charge it, it was impossible to use the trimmer on cable until there isn't enough battery charged. 

Honestly, I find this quite strange but haven't read the whole manual instructions and the reason might be described there.

One of the things I am assuming is that it isn't recommended for use under charge since this trimmer is also washable (plugged out of course).

Personal opinion

For some this might not be a big issue but I think it is kind of awkward to be in a hurry to shave and have to wait for the battery to charge in case you forgot it. 

Still, the  Philips Multigroom MG5720 trimmer is a good trimmer and I would recommend it, even with this small problem.

Philips Multigroom series 5000 - video

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