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DJI Osmo Action and RockSteady in 2020

Testing the DJI Osmo Action camera and its digital stabilization system RockSteady

Osmo Action RockSteady test

It has been a week since we turned on our DJI Osmo Action camera for the very first time in 2020 and we did couple of tests so far. 

One of the things that we wanted to share with you is the real-world performance of the RockSteady stabilization system on the DJI Osmo Action.  

It was a bright sunny day, so we took the opportunity and recorded this video test for you:

DJI Osmo Action 2020 test

This is just a quick demo of what you can achieve as picture quality in a bright sunny day with the Osmo Action. Of course we will need to make a parallel test with the system turned OFF.

Other than that, the 4k video quality is very good when there is enough light. We also made a test video indoors and... don't even think of using this camera for indoor vlogging or anything related with low-light conditions, it is just not made for that.

As we mentioned, we still haven't spent enough time with the Osmo Action so that we could give you in-depth feedback if this camera is worth buying in 2020 or you should consider any of the new models from GoPro.

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