Canyon gaming mouse pad

Full consumer review of the cheap Canyon Mouse Mat CNE-CMP2

Moue Mat CNE-CMP2
Cheap Canyon gaming mouse pad - Moue Mat CNE-CMP2

We have reviewed couple of Canyon products before and we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of their products, especially for the cheap price tags they are usually targeting. Some time ago we tested the Canyon CNR-FWC113 budget webcam we still keep and use from time to time.

Today we are reviewing a cheap Canyon Mouse Mat CNE-CMP2 computer mouse pad. We found it in a tech store the other day among many other mouse pads and it caught our attention with the low sticker price of under $10

Before we continue to our short product video review, here are the main specifications of the Mouse Mat CNE-CMP2:

Canyon gaming mouse pad - product specs
ModelMouse Mat CNE-CMP2
SizeS (Small)
Dimensions270 x 210 mm
OtherControl-Type surface
PriceUnder $10

Canyon gaming mouse pad - first test
From the very first test after the unboxing of this small Canyon gaming mouse pad we were left with the impression of a well-made quality product (despite the low price). 

Canyon gaming mouse pad  Moue Mat Canyon

Gaming mouse pad  Canyon cheap pad

There is a good weight added to the pad and together with the non-slippery surface on the bottom it really remained stable on our desk. 

The top coating has a good grip when moving the mouse and we can say the mouse movement was nicely controlled and precise.

Here is a quick video tour, to get a better impression of the Mouse Mat CNE-CMP2

Canyon gaming mouse pad - video tour

For this mouse pad test we used the Trust GXT 161 Disan gaming mouse (really good budget mouse) and soon we will also test it with the HP Wireless Mouse Z4000 which we didn't like that much.

And if you are looking for one of the cheapest mouse pads on the market these days (summer of 2020) you should definitely check the Cheap kitten mouse pad by Hama.

Thank you for checking our Canyon gaming mouse pad product review. Please leave your comments and feedback, we will be happy to hear from you!
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