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Trust GXT 161 Disan gaming mouse - consumer feedback

Consumer test and product review of the Trust GXT 161 Disan wireless gaming mouse

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Trust GXT 161 Disan gaming mouse

We are excited to present you the latest gadget that came to our office today - the Trust GXT 161 Disan gaming mouse. After using some random mouse options from HP and Lenovo we decided to give Trust a chance and check one of their well-selling computer accessories.

In this review we will discuss the main features and specifications of the GXT 161 Disan gaming mouse. We will also take a closer look at this capable wireless mouse in our product video review. But now lets start with its main features and specs.

Trust GXT 161 Disan - main product features and specifications

Connection typeWireless
Wireless range8 m
Wireless protocolsRF 2.4GHz
USB version2.0
Connector typeUSB-A male
Acceleration20 G
Silent ClickNo
Battery lifeAround 10 days
Rechargable batteryYes
DPI range500-3000 dpi
Polling rate125/250/500/1000Hz
Tracking speed60 ips
Number of Programmable buttons6
Suitable surfacenon-reflective flat surface
Macro programmingYes

And here are some images right after the unboxing of the Trust GXT 161 Disan:

GXT 161 Disan unboxingGXT 161 Disan contents
We also managed to start the mouse right after we took it out of the box. It looks like it is a plug-and-play product for Windows machines (not tested on Mac). 

Design & Looks
The very first impressions by the looks of the GXT 161 Disan were very good - nice and clean design, decided entirely in black with an elegant LED strip.

On the other hand the mouse didn't feel premium but rather mediocre in terms of materials. And if we have to conclude, in terms of design, looks and materials Trust did a good job with the GXT 161 Disan mouse.

Comfort of use
The comfort after the first hours of use is something that we didn't like at all. We are still not sure if it is just the transition from one mouse to another but we didn't feel like it was ergonomically well-made for longer use. That might change after some time, we will keep you updated.

The GXT 161 Disan doesn't have silent click. The buttons are big enough and give enough feedback after pressed.

Trust gaming mouse test

gaming mouse review

Trust GXT 161 Disan

Trust GXT 161 Disan - product price
We checked in different stores just to compare prices for the GXT 161 Disan. It seems that prices vary a lot, starting from $45 and reaching $80 from different sellers (online). 

For the UK market the average price was £35.

Trust GXT 161 Disan - Battery life
We will drain the battery from what is left as a charge after we turned it on for the first time, we will make a full charge and test the battery performance. Then we will give you exact numbers. 

What the manufacturer claims is that the battery should last for around 30 hours of use before recharging is needed. The nice thing here is that you can charge the mouse while still using it.

And as promised, here is our consumer video with the unboxing and first impressions of the Trust GXT 161 Disan wireless gaming mouse:

Trust GXT 161 Disan gaming mouse unboxing video

Trust GXT 161 Disan consumer feedback - verdict
To be honest we are left with a mixed first impressions by the Trust GXT 161 Disan. We liked the design a lot. Movements are relatively precise for a mouse in this price range. 

We have some serious concerns about the comfort of use for a longer periods of time and we also want to test the battery life after a full charge.

Please, leave you feedback for the Trust GXT 161 Disan wireless gaming mouse, we will be happy to hear your comments and opinion.

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