Asics Jolt 4 running shoes - my first test and review

First-hand review of the Asics Jolt 4 running shoes

Asics Jolt 4 running shoes tested

I have the Asics Jolt 4 running shoes only for couple of days but it is time to share my first impressions with them.

To start with I would like to share some details about the price since I saw the Jolt 4 price offered differently in most of the sports stores I checked. The best deal that you can probably find for them is about $45, which is the sale price right now on the official Asics website. I bought mine from Asics partner store for the same price.

Asics Jolt 4 - what to expect

shoes box

Asics Jolt 4 is a lightweight sports shoe, decided entirely in black color (something very trendy these days). Asics themselves classify it as a running shoe but I wouldn't. I have tested many running shoes, including some from Asics like the Patriot 13 running shoes which couldn't last 2 seasons. I would rather say the Jolt 4 is a great casual sport shoe, great for a walk in the park, going around the shops in the mall and similar activities. For a shoe dedicated specifically for running I would recommend you to look elsewhere. 

Design and looks

Asics Jolt 4

I like the design a lot, even though I am not a huge fan of this black shoes trend. But the Jolt 4 looks sporty and yet elegant enough to go around the shops with it. I am also happy that the bottom part will not look dirty all the time like most of my other sport shoes and sneakers with white sole.


shoe sole

One of the main reasons because I chose the Asics Jolt 4 over other competitors is because I have plenty of Asics shoes and all of them are comfortable. Yes, they have some other downsides like durability but all of them are ergonomically well designed and quite comfortable (currently wearing Asics running shoes and tennis shoes... all of them worn out on specific spots, even those with low millage). 

Asics are using their AMPLIFOAM midsole for optimal comfort and also soft ORTHOLITE sockliner for better comfort throughout the day.


This shoe combines an injection EVA midsole with a solid rubber outsole for improved durability.

Other thoughts

I really like the Jolt 4 so far and I find the consumer reviews I found on Asics website quite accurate - most consumers thing that this is a comfortable, great value for money shoe.

So I will give it some time and probably write a follow-up review for the Asics Jolt 4 running shoes. I have also planned a short video review but after they have some wear on them.

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