Olympus LS-P4 Version 1.10 firmware update

We just installed the 2020 Version 1.10 firmware update for the Olympus LS-P4 voice recorder

Olympus LS-P4

We haven't used our  Olympus LS-P4 voice recorder recently but since we like to keep our gear up to date we occasionally check for product updates. Last week we noticed that there is a new 1.10 version update for the LS-P4 recorded so we decide to give it a try and install it.

Version 1.10 firmware 

So, what is improved in the Version 1.10 firmware?  Here is what Olympus claims is fixed or added for this recorder in 2020:

  • Slate tone makes it easier to align the video and sound during post-production 
  • Test Tone outputs the reference signal from the audio recorder to the camera via audio cable to adjust the recording level on the camera 
  • Volume control of compatible Bluetooth earphones and speakers 

Installation process
What you need to do in order to install this latest 2020 update is:
  1. Visit Olympus customer support page
  2. Download the archived application file
  3. Unarchive and install it on your computer
  4. Plug your Olympus LS-P4 recorder and run the application
  5. You are ready to go, installation should be finished in seconds
We still haven't tested these improved settings in real world conditions but we are interested if they would make any difference in the usability or are just minor cosmetic tweaks. 

Olympus LS-P4 firmware

Here is how we first thoughts and our best recommended settings for the LS-P4 recorder back in the days:

Olympus voice recorder - best recommended settings (video)

And here is how the Olympus audio app looks like installed on our Samsung Galaxy Note 9:
Olympus voice recorder app
With the help of this Audio Ctrl app you can operate with the capable Olympus voice recorders. Just couple of functions like start, pause and stop are available from the app.

Have you already installed the 2020 Olympus LS-P4  Version 1.10 firmware update? If so, please share your honest impressions with us, we will be happy to hear your consumer opinion.
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