Olympus LS-P4 voice recorder - still good in 2021?

Olympus LS-P4 voice recorder - consumer feedback in 2021

Olympus LS-P4 voice recorder feedback

We have the Olympus LS-P4 voice recorder for over a year now and we decided to share our long-term impressions with you. To be honest, we haven't used the recorder as much as we expected but still have some feedback to discuss. 

Handling and user experience

We bought the Olympus LS-P4 for different purposes - from recording interviews to improving the overall quality of our product review videos. In general the LS-P4 does a very good job in most situations but not all is perfect of course. 

Olympus LS-P4 battery compartment

In regards to handling and user experience we should mentioned that we had some troubles charging it after we didn't use it for couple of months. 
The issue was that when plugged in through USB it did not give us the option to recharge the battery (still using the stock Olympus rechargeable battery). And don't ask me how we managed to fix it since I am not quite sure but I believe it was something related to changing the battery type from the menu system. 
Olympus LS-P4 voice recorder microphones
Other than that, the Olympus LS-P4 voice recorder is quite sturdy and comfortable to use. The Power button feels a bit clumsy and cheap but still working.

Using the Olympus LS-P4 in 2021 - video

Another thing that I don't like that much is the small screen and somewhat confusing menus with their corelating hardware buttons. In 2021 we are used to touchscreens and intuitive systems and this old-school menu shows its age.
                         Olympus LS-P4 menu system   Olympus LS-P4 voice recorder

Sound quality

Since the Olympus LS-P4 has 3 high-quality mics you can expect more than decent sound from this device. What we didn't like is the built-in noise-reduction system which even in its highest setting left too much of the unwanted sounds. 

We are surprised to see that the Olympus LS-P4 is still for sale in many countries around the world for the price of close to $200, even though this recording device is not recently released.  Still it is a good recorder but not the best value for money one.