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Why I love camera flip and swivel screens

Articulating camera screens or the so called flip screens are a true game changer for me, here is why

camera swivel screen

I remember back in the days when I didn't care much about flip or articulating screens on my mirrorless cameras, it was just a nice extra if it had it.

Since I got the Panasonic Lumix S5 in the beginning of 2021 I totally changed my mind about the presence of fully-articulating display on my camera. 

camera flip display

Here are some of the most important benefits that came instantly with the tilt screen:

  • Easier and more accessible camera controls
  • Getting amazing shooting angles 
  • Selfie photos/videos
  • Protected screen when not in use - facing camera body
Panasonic camera articulating display

Mentioning just these five advantages is more than enough to pick a camera with fully-articulating display but I am pretty much sure that there are other benefits as well.

If you can think of some, please share your opinion in the comments below.