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100 000 km with Opel Vectra C - consumer feedback

We have done some 100 000 km with the Opel Vectra C and here is how it went

100 000 km with Opel Vectra C

Opel Vectra C, what a car that is, German engineers did again! Yes, for some of you such statement may sound like a bit too much but have probably never owned one of these. 
So, in today's story we will share our impressions after having the 1.8 petrol hatchback Opel Vectra C for 100 000 km. 

100 000 km with Opel Vectra C - general impressions

We have owned and tested many Opel-s in the past and we have huge experience with this brand. What we want to say is that after buying the Vectra C we weren't expecting any huge surprises.
The model we chose was the 140 h.p. 1.8 petrol engine which has enough power for the relatively light mid-sized hatchback. 
Opel Vectra C consumer feedback

Features and extras
One of the nice surprises when getting our Vectra was how comfortable it was, especially on long trips. This car eats the miles like it is nothing but still it is compact and agile enough for the city traffic.
Our model had has comfortable partially leather seats which made a huge difference compared to those we had in our Opel / Vauxhall Astra H which had very uncomfortable basic seats. 
Opel Vectra C steering column

Opel Vectra C controls

Opel Vectra C hatchback interior

Opel Vectra C hatchback

Electric windows, electric heated mirrors, automatic whippers, multifunctional leather steering wheel, dual-zone climate control, central remote lock are just some of the extras offered in our Vectra C.

Opel Vectra C interior - video

Efficiency and dynamics
The 1.8 liter petrol engine is just enough power and torque for this car. It fills a bit underpowered when travelling with 4 people and some luggage, that is when it becomes a bit hard for overtaking maneuvers. 

On the other hand this engine coupled with the basic 5-speed manual gearbox are quite efficient and this petrol Vectra C easily achieves 7.2 liters per 100 km which is a very good for a full-size car of this segment. 
The best fuel efficiency that we managed to achieve on extra urban travel was 5.5l per 100 km which was just amazing. 

Problems and issues
Just like any other used vehicle we had some issues with the Vectra during these 100 000 km but nothing really worrying. 

Except for the usual maintenance stuff we had to work on the suspension and change all 4 springs and rear shocks. We also had a problem with coolant leak which was a bit hard to investigate but got it fixed at the end. We also changed the factory spark coil which had over 130 000 km on it.  

Other thoughts
To be honest we had the intension of buying a newer car... couple of times. But the Vectra C served us well and no matter if there was something a little wrong with it or something to be changed it was never to expensive or hard to service. 

So for now we will keep using this lovely vehicle and keep you updated on its performance and behavior. Meanwhile, if you have any feedback and comments about this car, we will be happy to hear from you, so please share with us.