Are Philips trimmers and shavers any good - my personal feedback

Having used Philips shavers, hair clippers and trimmers for over 10 years, it is time to share my personal consumer feedback

Philips shavers consumer feedback

I have been using Philips shavers and trimmers for more than 10 years now and I had a lot of experience with many of their models. Having such long-term overview of a specific brand and product line is very important when providing real-world consumer feedback.

Today I will share different aspects of what is it like to use Philips trimmers and shavers on daily basis, the models that I have used in the past, the trimmer that I am using today and of course some recommendations for those of you who are in the search of their next trimmer by the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022. 

And since Black Friday is coming soon, I will make some suggestions for good value for money shavers and trimmers that you can buy today.

Philips shavers and trimmers I have used in the past

As mentioned in the beginning  I have a lot of experience with the products in focus today. Here is a list with the Philips shavers and trimmers I owned and used for at least a year:

I am not sure if that is a long list or not but I might be missing some of the products that I didn't review in this blog. 
Anyways, the one that I have used the most is the MG5720 which believe it or not is still on service every week. Yes, its battery doesn't hold charge like it used to when I first bought it but still long enough for casual shave or body trim.  The Multigroom 5000 series got very popular, especially in UK but not only. 

The reason for that is the good product quality and the adequate pricing. As you can see the review I made for the MG5720 is from 2019 and I am still using it. Many manufacturers these days don't rely on build quality and durability but rather on some marketing features. 

Philips trimmers and shavers - my personal consumer feedback

To be honest, I am quite happy with the performance of the Philips shavers and trimmers I have used throughout the years. I am currently using the Series 1000 trimmer and the MG5720 on daily basis and when I travel as well since they are both quite compact.
During this period I have also tried trimmers from Rowenta and Carrera but I didn't like them as much and dropped them pretty quickly. 

Probably the biggest plus of Philips trimmers is the good value for money ratio. What I hate though is that changed charging plugs and now I cannot use some of the old charging cables that I have and sometimes these break easily or get lost.

As I mentioned previously Philips hair clippers are also quite reliable and I have always used them for at least couple of years.

My suggestions for new Philips trimmer

As promised, here are few options that I recommend in case you are planning to buy new trimmer any time soon:
Philips HC9450/15High-end Wireless hair-clipper
Philips HC5612/15Budget washable hair-clipper
Philips HC5630/15Washable hair-clipper with long battery life
Philips HC7650/15Mid-range trimmer with nice accessory kit

Well, that is my honest feedback after many years spent using Philips shavers and trimmers. I will also love to hear your comments, do you have a favorite brand/model in that regards and would you recommend a specific product.

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