One year with the Sony 43XG7005 4k Smart TV

Consumer feedback for the Sony 43XG7005 (KD-43XG7005)  4k Smart TV after one year of use

Sony 43XG7005 consumer feedback

Almost a year passed by since we bought the awesome Sony 43XG7005 LED TV so I decided it is high time for a consumer feedback and short review of this product.

The purchase

We did a lot of research before stopping our attention on the 43-inch 4k Smart TV Sony 43XG7005. The main requirements were... well, to be at least 40-inches and not bigger than 50 and of course to come from either Sony or Samsung (LG alternatively).

There couple of key features that made my buy this particular TV - the Triluminos display technology and the fact that I got the TV on huge discount - bought it under 400 Euro. And to be honest I am quite happy we went with the Sony since the cheaper Samsung televisions that we tested were good but far from the picture quality that our new TV delivers. 

Sony 43XG7005 - What I love about it

This is the 3-rd Sony TV that I buy in the last 10 years and all of them are working fine as new. So, durability and good build-quality are some of the benefits you get when buying a more expensive Sony TV. 

Sony 43XG7005 review

Of course picture quality... I would say it is best in class and I prefer the color science of Sony televisions over other manufacturers. On the 43XG7005 colors are wonderful, rich but yet natural tones. And the Triluminos picture enhancement was a real nice bonus for this TV, I was really surprised to see it in an affordable model like that one. 

Proper Smart TV functions were a must for our new TV and the 43XG7005 delivers - YouTube and Netflix run just fine, it is quick enough with easy menus, so nothing to complain here.

Sony 43XG7005 menu

The remote control is typical Sony, with well-organized buttons and it also looks and feels durable.

This I don't like in the 43XG7005

Well, I cannot thing of many things that I hate about the 43XG7005. One thing that I believe could be improved is the Wi-Fi setup process.  A lot of times the TV looses connection and it gets quite hard and annoying to get it connected to the local Wi-Fi. Of course that would also depend on the quality of your network but still I believe the 43XG7005 would benefit from improved interface.

And that was my honest consumer feedback after one year with the Sony 43XG7005 4k Smart TV. I hope the information that I shared is useful and will help you when choosing your next TV.