Sony XG70 4k HDR TV

First impressions from the Sony XG70 (43XG7005) 4k HDR Smart TV with Triluminos display

Sony 43XG7005 TV

We have just received our long waited Sony 43XG7005 4k Smart TV from the XG70 series and we are super excited to share our first consumer feedback. 

As some of you may know, the XG70 series televisions are the entry-level 4k panels with HDR. Previously Sony kept their amazing Triluminos enhancement technology for their high-end model lines but this time it seems that they decided to implement it in a much more budget-friendly TV. 

Sony XG70 - product packaging

Sony 43XG7005 TV packaging

Our Sony 43XG7005 came in a standard cardboard box, nicely packaged, nothing really special or to comment on. Inside the box we found all the required parts for the assembly - the stand which is made of two metal parts with cable management integration; screws for the stand; remote control with Panasonic batteries; product manual and assembly instructions. That is all that was in the box.

Sony 43XG7005 - initial setup 

It took us literally 10 minutes to set this TV up and running. One person will need no longer than 5-10 minutes to screw the stand to the panel and plug the antenna/HDMI cables. 

TV stand

Sony XG70 accessories

Here is a quick video couple of hours after we received the XG70:

Sony XG70 4k HDR TV - video

Once this XG70 TV is turned on you are welcomed by a setup guide. The instructions there are pretty simple and intuitive and it is no more than 5-7 screens that you need to go through before you are ready to go and start watching TV

We had some issues connecting to the local WiFi network the first time but on the third attempt it caught it with strong signal and it was all set for long term use.  

Sony XG70 - build quality

Sony XG70 TV

Even though the 43XG7005 is part of Sony's entry level Smart televisions, it doesn't leave some cheap impression from its general appearance and build quality. I wouldn't say the plastic that it is almost entirely made of feels premium, it just does not feel cheap as well.

Sony 43XG7005 - picture quality

We have tested this 43-inch Sony XG70 TV only for couple of hours and we are just amazed by the image quality from this panel. Well balanced colors, sharp images and advanced picture processing result a great watching experience. 

We tested the TV with cable television in high and low resolutions, with YouTube, Netflix and screen mirroring. The 43XG7005 was pretty stable and behaved quite consistently. It had some struggles with 4k 60p image buffering from YouTube but that could be due to bad Internet reception. No issues in 1080p YouTube clips whatsoever.

One can easily tell that there is a proper HDR technology working behind the quality picture. The high dynamic range supported in the XG70 makes scenes rich and more pleasant to the eye.

One year with the Sony 43XG7005 4k Smart TV

Of course we will give it some time before we give a more in-depth feedback about the image quality. For now, it is mostly positive impressions.

Sony XG70 - sound

The sound is nothing special here - 2x 10W stereo speakers with bass-reflex but they are very nicely tuned and the sound coming from the XG70 is quite pleasant. 

The speakers are loud enough for listening to some music channels but for better experience I would recommend connecting this nice TV to a premium sound system (5.1 or at least 2.1 with a sub-woofer and more powerful speakers). 

Dolby Audio and DTS are supported in Sony XG70 series.

Since, we managed to find our 43XG700 on a very good Black Friday deal we could say that it is great value for money TV (at least for us). We had the chance to compare it to some similarly priced alternatives but they were no match for the XG70 which felt it was coming from a class or two above. 

Sony 49XG7005 4k TV with Triluminos display

Meanwhile, we will be happy to hear your comments about the XG70 4k TV series, for a particular model or in general.

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