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Panasonic DMW-BLK22 Lithium-Ion battery

Product specifications and consumer feedback for Panasonic DMW-BLK22 Lithium-Ion battery used on our Lumix S5

Panasonic DMW-BLK22 Lithium-Ion battery

In series of reviews we shared our feedback about the amazing Lumix S5 but we have never paid much attention on the battery used for this full frame mirrorless camera. Panasonic DMW-BLK22 is the Lithium-Ion battery used in the S5 and today we will share our consumer thoughts about this product.

Panasonic DMW-BLK22 - product specifications

TypeLithium-Ion Battery
Capacity (Wh)16 Wh
Amp-Hours2200 mAh
Output Voltage7.2 VDC

Panasonic DMW-BLK22 - battery performance

According to consumer reviews and specialists who tested the S5 the battery performance is on average level, definitely not among the leaders in class like the battery of the Sony Alpha 7 third gen.  
Panasonic DMW-BLK22 product feedback

Panasonic DMW-BLK22 for LUMIX S5

The DMW-BLK22 battery is rated for some 400 shots without using any of the power-saving modes. Having optimized for battery-saving the camera can reach up to over 1000 images on a single charge. 
Well, these are some pretty good numbers and we can conclude that this relatively compact and lightweight battery delivers good performance.

Panasonic DMW-BLK22 Lithium-Ion battery - video

Panasonic DMW-BLK22 - product price

You can buy an additional DMW-BLK22 Lithium-Ion battery for $85, a fair price for the performance it delivers.

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