Delicious bread with Tefal Bread and Baguette PF610138

Bread making done the easy way with the Tefal Bread and Baguette PF610138 bread maker

Tefal Bread and Baguette PF610138 review

In case you are looking for an easy and relatively quick way to make delicious bread at home, we have a good suggestion for you - Tefal Bread and Baguette PF610138
This bread maker is well-made and has different programs and as the name suggests it can make baguettes as well.

Tefal Bread and Baguette PF610138 - product specifications

Now lets take a look at the specs: 
Brand: Tefal
Model: Bread and Baguette PF610138
Capacity 1500 g
Stainless steel body material
Power: 1600 W
Number of programs 16
Control panel type Digital
Degree of darkening: 3
Functions Heat retention
Delayed Start
Number of stirrers: 2
Cavity material Stainless steel
Program type
French bread
Accessories included
Measuring spoon
Measuring cup
Stirrer removal hook
Color White
Width 30.6 cm
Length 38 cm
Depth 48 cm
Weight 8.88 Kg

As mentioned in the beginning the Bread and Baguette PF610138 can also make baguettes. That is possible thanks to the two trays that are included and come with this bread maker.

Tefal Bread and Baguette PF610138 tray holder
Tray holder
Tefal baguette trays
Baguette trays

That is very nice addition and actually quite useful when you want to make something with different size and shape.

The Bread and Baguette PF610138 looks very well made and sturdy, like a product that is going to last. Well, that can be said for many Tefal products that we have reviewed. The build quality and materials remind me a bit for the TEFAL Uno M fryer which is also made of hard durable plastics.

The menu button and all the rest of the controls are located in the top front part of the bread maker and they are pretty easy to use. The buttons are big and would work even if you are using them with dirty cooking hands.

menu and cotnrols
Menu and controls

So, in the controls category Tefal Bread and Baguette PF610138 scores very good results.

Tefal Bread and Baguette PF610138 has an overall of 16 available programs including the baguette (3 types of baguettes) one. These also include pasta, jam, cake, dough which may come handy to cooking lovers. Here are all of them listed on the bread maker itself (on top of the cover):

program list
Program list

Now we can only think of one other Tefal bread maker that has more programs - the popular Bread of the world PF6118 which has 3 additional programs.

Tefal Bread and Baguette PF610138

Tefal Bread and Baguette PF610138 - product price

Depending on the location the price for the Tefal Bread and Baguette PF610138 varies a lot. In Europe you can expect price tags of about 160 Euro, while on other locations the average asking price is around $180-200

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