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Lorus RT383HX9 vs Casio Wave Ceptor WVA-M640TD-1AER

Comparing two of my favorite daily watches - Lorus RT383HX9 and Casio Wave Ceptor WVA-M640TD-1AER

Lorus vs Casio watches

The Lorus RT383HX9 and the Casio Wave Ceptor WVA-M640TD-1AER are two wrist watches that I literally wear every day. I like them for so many reasons even though they are totally different - they are comfortable, look good, have nice features and last but not least, they show the time correctly.

Lorus RT383HX9 vs Casio Wave Ceptor WVA-M640TD-1AER

So, I will start this comparison with the advantages of the Lorus RT383HX9 over the Wave Ceptor WVA-M640TD-1AER: 

Lorus chronograph watch

  • Looks more stylish and elegant - a black chronograph watch is something that would suit almost any type of clothing one can wear. The Lorus RT383HX9 looks really good in sporty and casual outfit as well. 
  • Is a bit more comfortable - this chronograph Lorus watch is really comfortable. The only thing I can point as a downside is the rubber strap which makes my hand sweaty in the summer.
  • Slightly cheaper - Casio Wave Ceptor WVA-M640TD-1AER is a technological masterpiece but that costs a bit more compared to the RT383HX9.

Lorus RT383HX9 product review

Now lets take a look at the benefits you get if you choose Casio Wave Ceptor WVA-M640TD-1AER:
Casio Wave Ceptor watch
  • More features - solar battery charging, radio controlled time, titanium material, these are just few of the premium features you get with the amazing Wave Ceptor WVA-M640TD-1AER. One interesting fact to mention here is that I have this watch for more than 7 years and it is still on its original battery which is solar charged, so in the long run it saves you money and is eco-friendly.
  • Lightweight - the titanium material that is used to make the Wave Ceptor WVA-M640TD-1AER makes it very lightweight and sturdy at the same time.
  • Tough watch - the Wave Ceptor WVA-M640TD-1AER went through many situations in the last couple of years but still looks in good shape and works just fine.

Casio Wave Ceptor WVA-M640TD-1AER review

Casio vs Lorus watches - video

I have to admit I totally love these two watches and right now they fit most of my needs in that respect. Yes, I have many other watches that I rarely wear but that is not because they are not good but rather because I like to wear both the Lorus RT383HX9 and Casio Wave Ceptor WVA-M640TD-1AER.