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Dell P2421D - almost the perfect monitor

After a full year with the Dell P2421D monitor we think it is definitely the best one we have ever tested

Dell P2421D monitor

We have reviewed so many monitors in our consumer blog and many of them were pretty good. But the Dell P2421D which we used during the whole 2021 is almost perfect so we wanted to share our honest feedback with you. 

Dell P2421D - why is it the perfect monitor?

Since it is the Christmas holidays and many of you are already searching for presents we wanted to help those of you who are in the search for quality monitor. 

Since 2014 when we bought the Dell E2314H we always had a Dell monitor at home and/or in the office. Their LCD and LED panels had been on a very good level for many years and that is why a year ago we decided that we will spend some cash for a new quality monitor. 

Dell P2421D monitor back

That is when our story with the Dell P2421D began. We managed to buy it on sale for under $250 which was a very good deal considering it is a QHD IPS monitor with thin frame and excellent adjustment options.

At the same time we had the HP EliteDisplay E243i which is also a good monitor but for us the P2421D is way better. We like the form factor better, the looks, the picture quality... almost everything about the P2421D is better. We also noticed that it was easy on the eyes when working for longer times which is a huge advantage. 

The image quality and the native resolution of 2560 x 1440 are fantastic, especially considering the price of under $300.

Well, it is not all perfect, like the cheap feeling plastic that is surrounding the panel. Thankfully, the stand is made from better looking and stronger plastic material. 

What is the Dell P2421D good for?

We believe almost for everything - gaming, office, multimedia. Work like editing photos in Lightroom or clips on Premiere Pro on the P2421D is a real joy. 

We haven't done much gaming on this monitor but we assume that with the good response time and resolution and excellent colors and viewing angles it will be just good enough for that as well. 

After everything said above it is clear that we will keep using the Dell P2421D in 2022 as well. Hopefully durability will be another of the great qualities that the P2421D has.


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