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The best cheap Tefal fryer in 2022

Tefal Uno M is on the market for quite some time but is still the best cheap fryer, even in 2022

best cheap Tefal fryer 2022

If you are in the search for a good and yet cheap deep fryer in the beginning of 2022 then this post is for you. Today we are looking at one proven kitchen tool which is still available in the stores - the affordable Tefal Uno M FF1231 fryer.

Why the Uno M is the best cheap fryer in 2022?

cheap Tefal fryer

To rate this product as the best we have used it for quite some time and also compared it with similar products from the same category. And yes, there are many good deep fryers out there but we like the Uno M FF1231 for these important reasons:

  • It is cheap - with average price of around 50 Euro, it is the cheapest Tefal fryer in 2022
  • Heats up relatively quickly
  • Easy to clean and maintain - its simple oval shape makes it easy to clean after cooking
  • Up to 1kg of food at once
  • Well built - even though the Uno M is the cheapest in Tefal's model line it is made to last and feels solid
Tefal Uno M fryer         dirty Tefal Uno M fryer

And here are some quick facts about the Tefal Uno M FF1231 fryer:
Food capacity 1 kg
Aluminum bowl cover
Cold wall function
Cooking lid
Metal filter
Indicator light
Colors White
Capacity for french fries 0.8 kg
On / Off function
Dishwasher safe cleaning - Frying basket

All these factors make the Uno M our strongest contender in the cheap fryer category this year. Of course we will monitor the market for new products that are coming out and provide feedback. 

Tefal Uno M - best cheap Tefal fryer in 2022 video

Meanwhile, if you have any other suggestion for a fryer that might be better than our choice, feel free to drop us a line in the comments.

TEFAL Uno M FF1231 - full consumer review