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Tefal FR480015 Mega XXL fryer

Tefal FR480015 Mega XXL fryer - my test and review

Tefal FR480015 Mega fryer review
My review of the  Tefal FR480015 Mega fryer

It is me in the kitchen again and today reviewing one of the biggest home fryers I have seen - the Tefal FR480015 Mega XXL. With this one you can easily cook up to 2 kg of food at a time, which is... a lot. Actually that is the biggest fryer offered by Tefal on the market today. This fryer is perfect for bigger families who need food prepared fast.
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Tefal Super Uno FR302130 fryer - consumer opinion

Real world test and review of one of the best fryers on the market today - the Tefal Super Uno FR302130

Tefal Super Uno FR302130 fryer review
The cool looking and yet very functional Tefal Super Uno FR302130 fryer

"Traditional fryer with unique design", that is how Tefal promotes their Super Uno FR302130. It is really a cool looking appliance with some unique features that make it stand out from other regular deep-dryers.

Main features
  • Large frying capacity - up to 1.5 kg /2 liters of oil needed/
  • Cool walls
  • Removable non-stick bowl
  • Removable lid with built-in odor filter
  • Digital timer
  • Dish washer friendly parts
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TEFAL Uno M - real world consumer test

The first meals cooked with our new deep fryer - the TEFAL Uno M FF1231 tested for the first time

TEFAL Uno M test
TEFAL Uno M before its first mission : )

As I shared with you last week we decided to get a deep fryer after giving it a long thought on the topic we stopped our attention on the budget TEFAL Uno M. It is a very simple and easy to operate fryer that costed us less than $60 (a pretty good deal I think). This product is also known as Tefal Uno M FF123130 and is one of the best selling deep fryers in Europe.

Main advantages of the TEFAL Uno M fryer:
  • Cheap
  • Good looking 
  • Good build quality - made to last
  • Premium brand - Tefal
  • Cooks up to 1 kg of food 

Why I ordered the TEFAL Uno M for our new deep fryer?

First meal prepared with the TEFAL Uno M
Probably you are wondering what is the very first thing I decided to cook in the Uno M. Actually, it was couple of things - first I tried with some zucchini which turned out pretty good and then I we made some french fries, a must for each deep fryer. Both were pretty delicious and I have no major complaints with the Tefal Uno M.
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Why I ordered the TEFAL Uno M for our new deep fryer?

Waiting for new kitchen appliance - expecting our new deep fryer TEFAL Uno M FF123130

TEFAL Uno M FF123130
Tefal Uno M FF123130

It has been quite a dilemma in the last couple of months, should we buy a deep fryer or shouldn't we. And if yes, what kind of fryer, should be one of those new fancy hot air fryers that I have never used or should we take a standard fryer that uses a lot of oil and makes french fries and chicken wings super delicious. Guess what I chose... yep, chose the classics and bought a new TEFAL Uno M deep fryer.

our new fryer - TEFAL Uno M

About the TEFAL Uno M FF123130
It is one of the budget and quite basic fryers offered by Tefal. It doesn't have any additional oil filtration system like the Tefal Filtra One FF175D71. It is a simple fryer offered in white plastic or as an alternative you can buy it in black and metallic/INOX. I chose the white version of it since it is a bit cheaper and looks a bit more traditional.
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