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Dell Precision 3520 laptop in 2022

Couple of years later I am still using the Dell Precision 3520 laptop - here is my 2022 opinion

Dell Precision 3520 laptop in 2022

Even though the Dell Precision 3520 is far from the premium laptops in 2022 it still holding pretty well even by today's standards. I have been using this machine for couple of years now, mostly for work and browsing, no gaming whatsoever. 

Here is my personal feedback about the Dell Precision 3520 so far, what are its advantages and weak points compared to a modern 2022 laptop: 

Dell Precision 3520 - pros

One of the key advantages of this Precision laptop is that it is very well build and it looks and works perfectly fine. For used products that is essential as no matter how good the hardware specs are, if the computer is not in mint condition, nothing else would matter as much.

Dell Precision 3520 laptop in 2022 - video

Another positive thing in the Precision 3520 compared to 2022 laptops is the adequate hardware - 16GB of RAM, Core i7 (7th gen) processor and dedicated video card make this machine quite capable. 

I also like the keyboard of the Precision 3520 which is not only comfortable but feels like new.

2022 Dell Precision 3520 keyboard

The IPS display is still awesome, much better than some newer models. So is the battery which for a 5 year laptop still holds a decent charge for some 2 hours of work. 

Dell Precision 3520 - cons

If you consider this laptop for video and image editing there is one major drawback - the Intel HD Graphics 630 + NVIDIA Quadro M620 combo is not powerful enough for 4k editing or larger Full HD files. Yes, you can still do some work with it but please note that render times are very long and the laptop heats up quite a lot. 

Dell Precision 3520 - 2022 verdict

I like Dell Precision laptop series a lot and probably I will buy a newer model later when I need more powerful machine on the go. For now I can do my videography projects on a desktop PC and the Dell Precision 3520 is perfectly fine for casual work when travelling.

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Dell Precision 3520 laptop in 2021