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Testing the Logitech Z337 Bluetooth speakers

My consumer test and review of the 2.1 speaker system Logitech Z337

Logitech Z337 speakers

I have the Logitech Z337 speaker system for couple of years now and it has been working flawlessly so far. It delivers good sound quality and the Bluetooth streaming option is a nice addition to this 2.1 speakers system. 

Today I just wanted to give my personal feedback about the Logitech Z337, how it performs and my honest opinion about this product in 2022. 

Logitech Z337 - product specifications

Before I proceed with my comments about these speakers, lets check the main features and specs:

Total watts (RMS): 40W
Subwoofer: 24W
Satellites: 2 x 8W
3.5 mm input: 1
RCA input: 1
Headphone jack: 1
Satellite speakers dimensions
Height: 192 mm
Width: 108 mm
Depth: 90 mm
Weight: 600 g
Subwoofer dimensions
Height: 230 mm
Width: 232 mm
Depth: 157 mm
Weight: 2.5 kg
Control pod
Height: 54 mm
Width: 55 mm
Depth: 55 mm
Weight: 72 g
Cable length
Power cable: 150 cm
Right satellite to subwoofer: 150 cm
Left satellite to subwoofer: 150 cm
Control pod hard wired cable: 150 cm

And even though combined power of 40W may not sound like a lot, believe me these are some pretty loud speakers that are quite good for desktop PC (like I am currently using them). 

Logitech Z337 2022 test

The system also has a very usable remote control which allows you to adjust the volume, turn ON the Bluetooth connectivity or plug a 3.5 mm source. 

Logitech Z337 speaker controls

Logitech Z337 in 2022 - my opinion

Having the more powerful Logitech Z623 system at home gives me a pretty good alternative for comparison. The sound quality and the power of Z337 are on a lower level when compared to 2.1 systems like the Z623 but for the price of around $70 that is quite expected. 

Logitech Z337 2.1 speaker system - 2022 video

Not to mention the fact that you can find the Z337 on sale for a very good price.

This system is not only good for a PC but also for upgrading the sound of a TV with weak speakers. The bass is pretty strong for such small speaker system so you can definitely enjoy the music channels and some good movie sound experience.

The built quality is on a very good level like most Logitech products. I have actually dropped the remote control pretty harsh couple of times but for now it works just fine. 

The overall experience with the Logitech Z337 speaker system is very good and I am quite happy with the purchase of this product. 

I rarely use the Bluetooth connectivity streaming option but it is really nice addition when you want to playback some music from your smartphone without playing around with cables. 

Having the Z337 together with the Z623 and I don't believe I would need any new speakers for 2022. For travelling and on the go I still rely on the JBL GO portable Bluetooth speaker.