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Rowenta Pure Air purifier - my opinion in 2022

I started using my Rowenta Pure Air purifier again in 2022 and here is what I think about it

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As previously mentioned in couple of our posts I wasn't very happy with the performance of the Rowenta PU3040F0 PURE AIR purifier and that was the reason why I stopped using it for quite some time. 

To be honest, my intention was to sell the product and skip on buying new air purifier. I never had the time to do so and the Rowenta air purifier remained but without using it. The main reasons why I stopped using it were related to its performance. As I stated in my first reviews there was more that I didn't like. 

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I don't know what was the reason but few days ago I decided to give it another try and installed the PU3040F0 PURE AIR again. Here are my impressions after few hours of use: 

  • On day mode I noticed that the sensor was working quite actively, adjusting the fan speed constantly depending on the pollution levels in the room.
  • Still this Rowenta purifier is quite loud for something that is expected to work in the room throughout the day.
  • Easy controls
  • I stopped using the purifier after 2 days
You see, when discussing a specific products we don't take into consideration just one feature or specification but the overall feeling that is left while using it. 

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The Rowenta PU3040F0 PURE AIR may have its strengths and of course it is not all bad that we can say about it - it has nice design, got it on huge discount and so on. But when at the end of the day you don't feel the need and you are not using the product, then none of its qualities matters.

And I will leave some room for thoughts here. What is actually that we value in a product? And what makes us choose specific brands, models etc. ?