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Rowenta PU3040F0 PURE AIR - everything you need to know

Consumer product review of the air purifier Rowenta PU3040F0 PURE AIR with Nanocaptur+ filter

air purifier test

Rowenta PU3040F0 PURE AIR is definitely a good looking air purifier but is it also effective in cleaning the air at your house? Will try to answer this question, at least partially. 

For this review we didn't just get a sample of this product but we bought the PU3040F0 PURE AIR purifier by hoping to improve the quality of the air at home. 

Of course we wouldn't miss the chance to share detailed information about the product and we liked or didn't like so much. 

product package unboxing
Rowenta PU3040F0 PURE AIR - the unboxing

Rowenta PU3040F0 PURE AIR - product specifications

ModelPU3040F0 PURE AIR
Product typeAir Purifier
NanoCaptur TechnologyYes (NanoCaptur+)
CADR smoke157
CADR dust and pollen161, 167
Effective area243
Number of speeds4
Filtration levels4 filtration levels (fan speed)
Power max65 W
Automatic modeDay mode
Night modeYes (silent, no loights)
Air Quality Indicator
Control panelElectronical
Timer1-2-4-8 h
Delayed StartNo
Filter change indicatorYes
Child lockYes
Product colorWhite (black top)
Number of filters4
FiltersPre-Filter, Active Carbon Filter, True HEPA Filter, NanoCaptur Formaldehyde Filter

The good thing as you can see from the specs is that the PU3040F0 PURE AIR is equipped with a full set of filters including the essential HEPA filter (not EPA which is less efficient).
The downside on the other hand is that eventually we will need to change these filters and we just checked the prices on the official Rowenta website... well, I will put it this way, they are not cheap. 

product features

For changing two of the main filters the bill will be over $100 if they are at all available to buy next year (when we guess they will need to be changed). 

Rowenta PU3040F0 PURE AIR - performance

This is where we will share our personal impressions after using the Rowenta PU3040F0 purifier for a week. And lets be honest from the very beginning - we are not fully satisfied with the product and there 3 main reasons for that:

  1. Noise - this air purifier is very loud in all of its work modes except for the lowest fan speed. Even on automatic day mode it is very loud and we stopped using it. Instead of that we only use the night mode which has acceptable noise levels.
  2. Sensor sensitivity - we are not sure if it is just our unit or this purifier has very weak sensor. We almost never saw this thing changing its color as if the room we had it was the cleanest in the world. And believe me it was not clean at all - we left some smoke, dust, and even aerosols but the indicator was always showing blue, meaning that the air is clean. It was only when we took the dust bag from a vacuum cleaner and  had it trashed around when the air quality sensor started to show red and purple, indicated that pollution levels are high.
  3. Filter location - all filters that the Rowenta PU3040F0 PURE AIR is using are located in the back of the device and that is where the air gets sucked in. That is quite rare to see in air purifiers since most of that are in front or front and sides. The downside here is that we need to move it even further from the wall in order to be effective. And who wants a standing object like this big in the middle of the room?
buttons and controls
Buttons are easy to operate with but quite touch-sensitive

To make things clear, this is not the first air purifier we are using and testing. And if we trust our subjective feelings when entering a room which had the Rowenta PU3040F0 working for more than a day we have to say that we didn't have the impressions of a completely fresh air without odors and this feeling of lightness while breathing.

air purifier filters
This is where filters are changed - make sure you remove the packaging before use

On the other hand we see that some dust is already building up in and around the purifier itself so this means it is probably doing its job. To what extend, we are still not sure. We will give it some more time and share more feedback. Based on our first impressions - not impressed. 

And here are things that we actually liked about Rowenta PU3040F0 PURE AIR:
  • Nice, clean design - simple and elegant looks
  • Good air filtration through couple of filters, including regular HEPA
  • Quiet night mode
  • Bought it cheap

Rowenta PU3040F0 PURE AIR - video review

Now lets take a quick look at the purifier itself and first impressions after unboxing:

Rowenta PU3040F0 PURE AIR - product price

We bought this purifier on sale for less than 200 Euro. We believed that this is a bargain deal since Rowenta is a well-known brand and we expected high-quality product. For now these expectations meet a mid-range product that definitely does not justify its asking MSRP of over $250.  

Other thoughts 
When we bought the IDEA XJ-3800-1 / Surround Air Intelli-Pro XJ-3800 air purifier back in the days we thought that we will keep it only for a while since it was a cheap product (under $100). Couple of years later we are still using it and to be honest we are quite happy with its performance. Its sensor detects dusts much better at home and at similar fan speeds is also quieter and not as annoying while working.

Buying the Rowenta PU3040F0 PURE AIR we thought we are making a good long-term investment spending some extra cash for a good brand purifier. We are certainly not sure if it will remain as our main device or will look for other options...

Please feel free to share you opinion about the Rowenta PU3040F0 PURE AIR in the comments below, we will be happy to hear from you!