Lorus RT383HX9 chronograph watch - one year later

One year consumer review of the Lorus RT383HX9 chronograph watch

Lorus RT383HX9 one year review

As the title of the article suggests this will be a consumer review of the Lorus RT383HX9 chronograph watch after one year of use. I have already shared my impressions with the watch one when I bought it and after six months as well. 

Now it is time for in-depth impressions and feedback about how this watch performed in the past twelve months. 

Solid construction and build to last

I should say I am really impressed with the build quality of the Lorus RT383HX9. This watch was exposed to some pretty harsh conditions and temperatures from -10 to +40 Celsius and it holds its visual and working characteristics almost like when it was new. 

Not to mention that sometimes the RT383HX9 was with me on the beach or while playing tennis, all that kind of stuff that could easily damage the construction of the watch.

And staying in good looking mode is something very important for this watch since I one if the things I like most about it is its looks and presence - it is not too big or too sporty, just the right blend of sport and elegance.


watch comparison

One of the biggest downsides since I bought the Lorus RT383HX9 is the fact that I almost stopped wearing my other five watches. That is a shame since I like all of them. You can check my Lorus RT383HX9 vs Casio Wave Ceptor WVA-M640TD-1AER comparison where two of my favorite watches show their strengths.

Also, there is some wear and tear on the original silicone strap but that is quite expected and I may need to change it after some time.

Other thoughts

On my six month review of the  Lorus RT383HX9 I said that I was pleased with this purchase and I am confirming this after a year of use. That is one rally nice watch and if you have the chance or the need to buy it, just do so. 

Things I like about the Lorus RT383HX9:

  • Good looking chronograph watch - both sporty and stylish at the same time
  • Good value for money
  • Solid build

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