Chromecast 3 - is it worth buying in 2022?

Reviewing Google Chromecast 3rd generation - what does it do and do you need one of these in 2022

Google Chromecast 3rd generation

Even though most of the TVs that are sold these days have Wi-Fi and Smart TV functions, there are still some new and some old televisions that need external device in order to stream video content from another device or the Internet.

The reason why we bought the Chromecast 3rd generation is that we have couple of non-smart TVs that offer very good picture quality and to have Smart TV functionalities is a good addition to that.

Are Rowenta air purifiers loud?

Testing the sound levels of a mid-range Rowenta Pure Air purifier in real world conditions

Rowenta Pure Air sound test

Here at Test and Review we like to make all kind of tests that might be useful to you as a consumer. Today we are sharing a video with the sound levels of a mid-range Rowenta Pure Air purifier to get a better idea if these air purifiers are not too loud. 

Which cheap 50-inch TV to buy in UK - Digihome 50552UHDHDRS

Digihome 50552UHDHDRS is the cheap offer in the 50-inch segment that we recommend for UK customers

cheap 50-inch TV to buy in UK

Today we are taking a look at the affordable Digihome 50552UHDHDRS TV that is offered on the UK market. We will share its main product features and recommendations and also explain why we think it is the better option for buying a cheap 50-inch TV in 2022. 

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