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Chromecast 3 - is it worth buying in 2022?

Reviewing Google Chromecast 3rd generation - what does it do and do you need one of these in 2022

Google Chromecast 3rd generation

Even though most of the TVs that are sold these days have Wi-Fi and Smart TV functions, there are still some new and some old televisions that need external device in order to stream video content from another device or the Internet.

The reason why we bought the Chromecast 3rd generation is that we have couple of non-smart TVs that offer very good picture quality and to have Smart TV functionalities is a good addition to that.

Chromecast 3 - main features

Here are the main advantages (our feedback after a week of use) of Google Chromecast 3:

  • Compact - Chromecast 3 has a nice form factor and is quite small. 
  • Versatile - the amount of possibilities that you have with this device is huge. We mostly use it for casting YouTube and TV from a smartphone.
  • Affordable - with a price tag of under $50 that is one very good purchase.
Generally speaking, from the first week that we used the 3rd gen Chromecast we are quite pleased with its performance and value for money ratio. 

Connecting the device

Chromecast 3 connection

Connecting our Chromecast took a bit longer than expected since the device updated itself couple of times after we got it connected to the home network. Probably the overall time taken before the first cast was 15 to 20 minutes. After that it is all fine and the Chromecast 3 connects a bit faster to the smartphone compared with most Smart TVs that we use. 
Chromecast 3 setup

What can you do with the Chromecast 3

Well, to answer this question we can list some of its popular functionalities:
  • Cast YouTube from another device like smartphone, computer or tablet
  • Cast TV stream from another device
  • Cast Netflix from another device
  • Cast your whole device screen

These are some of the most popular things you can do when you plug your Chromecast to a TV. Streaming movies, photos and music becomes really easy on non-smart TVs.

Do you need Chromecast 3 in 2022 and is it worth the money?

Yes, to both questions. The possibilities that come with this device on non-Smart TVs are many and the added value is definitely worth the money. 

Our Chromecast 3 was tested on  Sony KDL-32EX650.